Weekly Menu 5/20/18 – Summer Snack Recipe

I’ve got a new 80 Day Obsession snack on the menu this week that I hope will be a perfect Summer snack recipe.  I’ve also been trying to find recipes to use the things that are growing in my garden.

May 20th Weekly Menu - Summer Snack Recipe

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Weekly Menu 5/13/18 – Perfect Nutrition

Happy Mother’s Day!  I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with a delicious brunch with my family and pizza for dinner prepared by my son.  Starting Monday the goal is perfect nutrition for the next month until our trip to Hawaii.

 Weekly Menu -Perfect Nutrition

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Weekly Menu 4/8/18 – Peak Week

This week marks the last week of 80 Day Obsession or Peak Week as it’s called in the plan. The nutrition plan for Peak Week involves 4 “Deplete Days” that are lower in carbs and higher in protein.  Again, it’s all normal food so if you’re not following 80 Day Obsession you will still find some healthy meal ideas.

April 8th Weekly Menu -Peak Week

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Weekly Menu 4/1/18 – Easter Menu

This week’s menu is all sorts of crazy.  Sunday is Easter so I’m looking forward to cooking up all my Easter Menu favorites.  I’m traveling for work this week so I’ve flipped some of my workout & meal times.  I’ve also got meals planned for my husband and son for while I’m away.

April 1st Weekly Menu - Easter Menu

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Weekly Menu 3/25/18 – Healthy Meals

March 25th Weekly Menu - Healthy Meals

I’ve seen a lot of requests lately for healthy meals to mix things up.  Many times when people set out to eat healthy they pick a handful of recipes, like grilled chicken, and eat it over and over and over again.  It’s easy to get burnt out on eating healthy meals if you are always eating the same thing.

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