Ultimate Portion Fix Snack Ideas

If you’ve started Ultimate Portion Fix you’ve probably realized you get to eat a LOT of food. But instead of eating 3 huge meals a day you should space your meals out about every 2 1/2-3 hours, which means SNACKS!  Here are some Ultimate Portion Fix Snack Ideas to help you stick with your healthy eating and reach your goals.

Ultimate Portion Fix Snack Ideas

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Healthy Eating for Kids

Figuring out what you should be feeding your kids can be overwhelming. You want to be sure they’re getting the right foods in the right amounts to help them grow healthy bodies and brains. I’ve found the ultimate guide on healthy eating for kids. Plus, a FUN way to get them to try new foods. If you struggle with getting your kids to try new foods you’ll definitely want to grab the Kid’s Adventures in Eating Tracker from the resource library. Healthy Eating for Kids - Adventures in Eating Food Tracker Continue reading “Healthy Eating for Kids”

Fitness & Food Prime Day Deals

Got a list of fitness equipment and kitchen gadgets you’ve been wanting to buy but just don’t want to spend the money? What if you could buy those things on sale? Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner and I’m keeping track of all the Fitness & Food Prime Day deals for you. 

Fitness & Food Prime Day Deals

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Carb Cycling Foods To Eat and Avoid

Carb Cycling is a great way to drop weight before a vacation or special occasion. The Ultimate Portion Fix Carb Cycling Plan helps you temporarily shed weight quickly in a healthy manner. Learn what carb cycling foods to eat and avoid for the best results. Be sure to subscribe to download my Carb Cycling Foods To Eat and Avoid quick reference guide. 

Carb cycling foods to eat and avoid title

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Shrimp & Spinach Pesto Pasta

Pesto is such a rich, flavorful sauce. You may be surprised at just how easy it is to whip up a batch. It’s the star ingredient in this simple but delicious Shrimp & Spinach Pesto Pasta. 

Shrimp & spinach pesto pasta

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