Easy Beef Burrito Recipe

This recipe came about when I was trying to use up leftovers in my freezer. I threw together what I had and came up with this easy beef burrito recipe. My family loved it and it’s now part of our regular rotation. Portion Fix container counts included. 

Easy Beef Burrito Recipe with sauteed bell pepper & onions

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Turkey BLT Wrap

A classic BLT on toast is delicious but a little too messy to take on the go. This Turkey BLT Wrap is perfect for meal prep and eating on the go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. 

Turkey BLT Wrap - the perfect on the go meal

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Stop Eating Crap- 5 Simple Snack Swaps

Most of us reach for processed snack foods because they’re conveniently packaged. But if you are what you eat it’s no surprise that you probably feel pretty crappy after getting down with a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Here are 5 simple snack swaps to help you stop eating crap and start feeling better. 

Stop Eating Crap- 5 simple snack swaps - potato chips

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Healthy Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap

I know what you’re thinking, how can something that has bacon & ranch dressing be healthy? But just let me assure you this Healthy Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap meets all the Portion Fix requirements. It’s the perfect meal to prep ahead and take on the go. 

Healthy Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap with red bell pepper

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Healthy Bagel Sandwich

A bagel sandwich is a perfect meal to eat while you’re on the go.  This healthy bagel sandwich recipe includes Portion Fix container counts. 

Healthy Bagel Sandwich - ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce on a whole wheat bagel with a side of baby carrots

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