Weekly Menu 5/19/19 – Freezer Raid

This week I’m raiding my freezer for meal ideas and featuring a new recipe I just posted. But don’t worry, the meals all still fit with the Ultimate Portion Fix eating plan. 

May 19 Weekly Menu - Bagel sandwich, shrimp & Sausage gumbo

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Weekly Menu 5/12/19 – Mother’s Day Menu

It’s Mothers Day weekend!  I’m sharing what is on my Mother’s Day menu and some classic kid favorites. Check out what’s on this week’s menu. 

May 12 Weekly Menu - mother's day menu

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Weekly Menu 5/5/19

This week on the menu I’m trying out a Mexican dish from the FIXATE cookbook to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I’m also switching up my snacks. 

May 5 Weekly Menu - Southwest Chicken Salad, Strawberries & Spinach

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Weekly Menu 4/28/19

This week’s menu follows the Ultimate Portion Fix Eating Plan. I’m trying out a new FIXATE2 recipe and cooking up an Instant Pot favorite. See what’s on this week’s menu. 

april 28 Weekly Menu following Ultimate Portion Fix

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Weekly Menu 4/21/19 – Easter Lunch

This week’s menu looks a lot like last week with the exception of Easter lunch. My explanation of why will probably make you feel a whole lot better about meal planning and getting dinner on the table.

april 21 Weekly Menu - Easter Lunch

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