Weekly Menu 6/16/19

This week’s menu is made up of quick & easy healthy meals. Less time in the kitchen, more time by the pool. 

June 16th Weekly Menu

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Weekly Menu 6/9/19

This week’s menu follows 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan B. If you’re following a different meal plan just add or subtract containers as necessary. You can also find templates for each meal plan in my resource library.  If you’re not following the 80 Day Obsession meal plan you’ll still find lots of great meal ideas. It’s all normal food. 

June 9th Weekly Menu

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Fresh Herb Recipes- Weekly Menu 6/2/19

I’m trying to use all the fresh herbs I’ve been growing in the garden. So this week’s menu is made of fresh herb recipes. Check out what’s on this week’s menu and how you can grow herbs yourself even without a garden. 

Fresh Herb Recipes -June 2nd Weekly Menu

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80 Day Obsession Morning Workout Meal Plan- Weekly Menu 5/26/19

I’m starting my Summer workout program, 80 Day Obsession, this week which means I’m buckling back down on my meal planning. But that doesn’t mean I’m skipping out on enjoying the start of grilling season. See what we plan to eat while hanging out by the pool this Memorial Day weekend and the rest of the week with my 80 Day Obsession Morning Workout Meal Plan. 

May 26 Weekly Menu - Memorial Weekend Menu

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Weekly Menu 5/19/19 – Freezer Raid

This week I’m raiding my freezer for meal ideas and featuring a new recipe I just posted. But don’t worry, the meals all still fit with the Ultimate Portion Fix eating plan. 

May 19 Weekly Menu - Bagel sandwich, shrimp & Sausage gumbo

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