Weekly Menu- 7/21/19

I’m mixing up my snacks a little this week and enjoying some favorite main dishes. 

July 21st Menu

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Weekly Menu- 80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Refeed Day

I recently started phase 2 of 80 Day Obsession which means Refeed Day!!!  Yes! Give me ALL THE CARBS, for one day at least. See what we’re enjoying in this week’s 80 Day Obsession Phase2 Refeed Day menu. 

July 14th Menu - 80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Refeed Day - bagel sandwich & carrots, chicken fajitas

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Beach Week Menu 6/30/19

Our family beach vacation is finally here! This week I’m sharing our beach week menu. It’s perfect for families who are vacationing together and want a balance of cooking and eating out. 

 Beach Week Menu

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Carb Cycling Weekly Menu 6/23/19

The countdown is on!  We are one week away from our family beach vacation. Before we hit the beach we like to follow a carb cycling meal plan to drop any extra weight. So this week it’s a carb cycling weekly menu. 

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Weekly Menu 6/16/19

This week’s menu is made up of quick & easy healthy meals. Less time in the kitchen, more time by the pool. 

June 16th Weekly Menu

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