Mapping Out a Fit Year -2018 Workout Plan

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Mapping Out A Fit Year 2018 Workout Plan

A new year means a fresh start for all your fitness goals.  In the beginning it’s easy to stay on track.  But how can you make sure you stick with your fitness goal all year?  In order to keep my fitness goals I make a workout plan for the whole year.  Having a plan and a program to follow helps me stay on track and stay motivated.  I’m sharing my workout plan for a fit year and showing you how to create a plan that works for you, including a free Mapping Out a Fit Year Template available in my resource library.

Workout Plan for a Fit 2018

Mapping Out A Fit Year- 2018 Workout plan

I’ve mapped out a workout plan for the year with all my favorite Beachbody programs to help me stay on the right track.

Actually doing the programs helps me push myself a little harder because I like to check off the boxes and complete each program. Otherwise I end up picking the easiest or quickest workout just to get it done. Check out my full reviews for 21 Day Fix, T25, Brazil Butt Lift,  Core de Force review  , and 10-Minute Trainer.

Action Plan

Here are all the steps for planning your own fit year.  Use the Mapping Out a Fit Year Template to make your own workout chart. You can access the template in my free resource library. Get the password for the free library by subscribing at the bottom of this post.

Mapping Out a Fit Year Template

Choose Workouts

Select the workouts you want to do.  It can be anything but it’s got to be definite.  Workout programs like the ones Beachbody provides are easy to follow and already scheduled out for you. You can even access them on-line.

If you’d rather go to the gym, walk or take classes you’ll need to make a schedule. Don’t just say, go to the gym or go for a walk.  Create a schedule for what muscle groups you’re going to work each day, what cardio you will do and for how long.  If you’re going to walk or run make a plan for how long either by length of time or miles.  Having a definite goal will give you something to aim for and improve your results.

Be sure to give yourself some wiggle room and a little more time than needed to complete most of the programs.  Because, well life and vacations and work trips, etc.

Print Your Plan

Once you’ve got your schedules planned out it’s time to hit print. At the beginning of the year print out all the schedules. Then put them in order.  I use a clipboard I keep in my work out room.  You could print as you go but doing it this way you’re committing to getting them all done.

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