Focus T25 Review

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To stay in shape you’ve got to have a plan. Focus T25 is currently my favorite workout program! I’m not a workout enthusiast. More of a get it done so I can move on with my day kinda girl. Read my Focus T25 Review to see why I love this Beachbody program.

T25 Review


Focus T25 is a Beachbody program that includes

  • 11 (25 minute) workouts on 9 DVDs
  • Resistance band
  • Nutrition guide
  • Fast track guide

Shaun T. of Insanity fame created Focus T25. The workouts are broken into a 5 week Alpha cycle and a 5 week Beta cycle.

Here’s the schedule I created so I can cross off the workouts as I complete them and print again when I’m ready to do it all over again.  You’ll notice the program wants you to double up on Friday.  I don’t, I usually just do the 2nd one on Saturday.

The Nutrition Guide & 5 Day Fast Track guide have easy to prepare, tasty meals that have about 5 ingredients. I really think they were created with men who don’t cook in mind, which means it’s also easy for busy moms. A few of my favorites: Tilapia with Kale and tomatoes, Tomato-Basil Salmon with Garbanzos and Sirloin Topped Arugula Salad.


I’m a huge Shaun T. fan!  Here are all the reasons I love this workout.

Shaun T T25

  • There is not a wasted moment during the workout, so you can push play get your work out done and move on to the thousand other things you need to get done.
  • Shaun is very rhythmical and does a great job of letting you know what to do next.
  • The music is upbeat and goes with the workout
  • The countdown clock let’s you know how much longer you’ve got and tells you the next move that’s coming up.
  • One of the other nice features of T25 is the modifier. You can go full out with the group or choose to stay with Tania, the low-impact modifier, less jumping and easier on the joints. Great for the days when you’re just not feeling it.
  • Each workout builds up and some feature a “burn-out” where you repeat the moves at a higher intensity for a shorter amount of time. Which to me is much more doable.

speed 2.0My favorite workout is probably speed 2.0. As a dancer I enjoy how the moves are broken down into 8-counts. You do set 1 for six to eight 8-counts each then four 8-counts then two 8-counts, then same thing with set 2 and to finish it off sets 1 & 2 together for two 8-counts (2xs) then one 8-count each. The workout is over before you know it, but it’s no joke and is a great lower ab workout. Note: you don’t need to be a dancer to get the moves, case in point: my husband. I always get an extra good ab workout when we do Speed 2.0 together.


My husband and I both got great results with T25. We didn’t take before and after pics, maybe on the next round. We have repeated the program a couple of times just because we enjoy the workouts.

To get the best results we followed the meal plan and used Shakeology. Next week’s post will feature my “on the diet” meal planning system. If you’re ready to get fit in only 25 minutes a day with an easy to follow, tasty meal plan you should give T25 a try.   It’s working here!

PS: I am a Beachbody Coach so if you have any questions about programs or supplements feel free to contact me.

What’s your favorite Beachbody workout or recipe?

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