Using the FIXATE Cookbook

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If you’re following one of Beachbody’s portion control nutrition programs coming up with meal ideas can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. But with the FIXATE Cookbook you can enjoy healthy, portion control meals that taste delicious. The key is knowing how to best use the FIXATE recipes. You’ll definitely want to grab the free FIXATE recipe list download organized by container color available in my resource library to help you get the most out of using the FIXATE Cookbook. 

Using The FIXATE Cookbooks, FIXATE VOL 1 & FIXATE VOL 2

FIXATE Cookbooks

Autumn Calabrese created the FIXATE Cookbook to go with the portion control eating plan she created for 21 Day Fix. She worked with a team of nutritionists and chefs to come up with 101 healthy recipes with container counts. Now, five years later she has partnered with her brother, Chef Bobby Calabrese, to release a 2nd volume of FIXATE with 102 more healthy recipes. 

If you have Beachbody On Demand then you have access to the original FIXATE cookbook under the nutrition tab. You can also purchase the original FIXATE cookbook through Beachbody or Amazon. The FIXATE2 Cookbook is included with the Ultimate Portion Fix program. You can now also purchase FIXATE2 through Beachbody

FIXATE Recipe Review

I’ve tried many of the recipes in both the FIXATE vol 1 & vol 2 Cookbooks. Most of the recipes I’ve tried are so delicious you won’t believe they’re Fix approved. This is probably common sense but, be sure to read through any recipe you plan to make. I’ve made the mistake of thinking a recipe is quick & easy to make only to find out there was an ingredient that needed to be made ahead of time. For example the Sweet Potato Chicken Wraps require no cooking time at all. Score! But be sure to read the recipe because this quick & easy meal is made possible by using pre-cooked chopped chicken. Which unless you purchase it from the store that way, you’ll need to account time to cook and chop your chicken. There are also recipes that require other recipes. For example the Breakfast Squash recipe requires that you’ve already cooked the FIXATE Breakfast Sausage. So that 13 minute cooking time turns into a bit more. 

Some of the recipes also require some ingredients that you probably aren’t used to cooking with. The first time I made the Maple Rosemary English Muffins I didn’t use the specified flour and my muffins didn’t come out quite right. The 2nd time I made them I ordered the specific flour mentioned from Amazon and they turned out 100% better.  

Favorite FIXATE Recipes

I made a whole healthy brunch menu using FIXATE recipes. My guests loved the food and the fact they could indulge without feeling guilty. Here are a few of my favorite FIXATE recipes:

Spring Sangria - Fixate
Spring Sangria
bacon wrapped asparagus -fixate
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
strawberry mango salsa
Strawberry Mango Salsa
fixate- ham and sweet potato stuffed mushrooms
Ham and Sweet Potato Stuffed Mushrooms
Swedish Meatball Stroganoff
Swedish Meatball Stroganoff
Beef & Broccoli
Beef & Broccoli
Banana Apple Muffin
Banana Apple Muffin
Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo
Shrimp & Sausage Gumbo

How to Use FIXATE Cookbooks

If you’re following a nutrition program with portion control containers, like Ultimate Portion Fix or 80 Day Obsession, you can use the FIXATE Cookbooks. For 80 Day Obsession you’ll want to check the FIXATE 80 Day Obsession Recipes by container color download in my resource library. This will quickly help you find all 80 Day Obsession approved recipes in the FIXATE vol.1 Cookbook. 

When building your meal plan, select the recipe you plan to use and plug it into your meal plan first. Make note of the container counts. Then fill in the rest of your daily meal plan using the containers you have left over after accounting for your recipe containers. 

When you’re following a Timed Nutrition plan, like 80 Day Obsession, your color container combinations are a bit more restricted. Finding recipes that work with your time blocks can be difficult. That’s why I’ve created a tool to help you search for FIXATE recipes based on what color combination you need. You can sort and search the list for meal combinations like red/yellow/green or blue/green. The resource library has a list for both FIXATE vol. 1 & vol.2. 

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