Back to School Shopping with Stitch Fix Kids

Shopping for new Back to School clothes takes less 5 minutes at our house.  My secret isn’t online shopping. I don’t have to scroll through multiple sites and pick out clothes for my son. It’s all done for me. See how Back to School shopping with Stitch Fix Kids saves your time and sanity. 

Back to School Shopping with Stitch Fix Kids

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Stitch Fix Summer To Fall Styles

My latest Stitch Fix shipment is not what I asked for at all.  But, sometimes even when you don’t get what you asked for you still end up with something that you want. Check out my latest Stitch Fix Review with Summer to Fall styles.

Stitch Fix Summer to Fall Styles

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Stitch Fix Kids Review – My Son’s 1st Fix

School clothes shopping is pretty much done at my house. I didn’t even have to leave home. Or search on-line for clothes either.  I filled out a little info and a few days later a box of clothes showed up at my front door. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of shopping, especially with your kids, you’ll want to check out this Stitch Fix Kids Review and see how simple shopping can be.

Stitch Fix Kids Review

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Stitch Fix Kids Boys

Stitch Fix does it all now!  Women, Men, Maternity, Petites, Plus Sizes and now….Kids!  Here’s everything you need to know about Stitch Fix Kids Boys & Girls.

Stitch Fix Kids Boys

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Stitch Fix Athleisure Wear Review

Oh how I love Athleisure wear!  As a work from home mom I pretty much live in athleisure wear. Especially since I do my workouts during lunch. When I saw Stitch Fix started offering athletic clothing I knew I needed to schedule an athleisure wear fix.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Wear

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