5 Tips For Achieving Your Fitness Goals

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That’s it! You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to take the steps necessary to improve your health & fitness. But how do you make sure you reach your goals? These 5 tips for achieving your fitness goals will help keep you on track to feeling your best.

5 Tips for Achieving Fitness Goals - simple steps to help you feel your best

1. Have a Plan

Once you’ve set your goal you need a plan. Figure out what it’s going to take to get there. Maybe it’s eating healthier or getting more exercise. Find a nutrition or fitness plan designed to get you the results you desire. 

Don’t just aimlessly eat whatever you think the latest fad diet is or wander around the gym. If you’re like me you’ll do the easiest machines or work your favorite muscle groups.  You might end up neglecting other body parts.  You’ll end up with great arms and a flabby butt. If you’re eating “healthy” food without direction you may be missing out on some nutritional needs.

I’m a big fan of Beachbody programs. They have both nutrition and fitness plans proven to get results. You can find both fitness program reviews and meal planning resources on my website. I’m also happy to help answer any questions and guide you in the right direction. 

Making changes is hard. Having a plan makes it a little easier and much more likely you’ll stick with it and reach your goal.

2. Know Your Why

Knowing why you want to reach a goal will help you get there, especially when things get tough. Why are you trying to stay in shape?  Most moms want to be able to keep up with the kids.  Or maybe you want to look and feel your best and be a good example of self confidence for your kids. Or maybe you want to ensure you’ll live long enough to see your kids and grandkids grow. Maybe it’s about ending bad family habits and helping your children learn healthy habits.

Whatever it is, knowing your why will help you stick with your plan and keep pushing through to reach your goals even when things get hard. 

3. Have an Accountability Partner

Sometimes just telling someone about your goal makes it real. It’s like when you tell someone you’re going to come to their party. The night of the event you might be tired and don’t really feel like getting dressed and putting on makeup, but you pull yourself together and do it. Why, because you told them you would.

An accountability partner checks in on how you’re doing, motivates you when you need it and calls you out when you start to slip.   That last part is really important. Don’t pick an accountability partner who lets you get away with skipping workouts and over indulging in unhealthy foods. Your friend that is right there with you doing the same behaviors that keep you from reaching your goals is probably not a good choice. A coach or someone who has achieved the goals you’ve set is a great choice. 

(PS: As a Beachbody coach I would be happy to keep you on track!)

4. Set Aside Time 

It’s okay to make time for yourself.  Instead of letting everything else you have to do pile up and wear you down set aside time for you and your goals.  

Maybe that’s time to workout everyday. You may want to do this first thing in the morning  before the demands of the day get to you.  I literally roll out of bed, put on work out clothes, brush my teeth, pull my hair up in a messy pony tail, do my morning meditation & journaling, grab some water, pull up my On Demand Workout and start following along.  

If you’re looking to eat healthier you need time to plan, shop for and prep your meals. Taking the time to plan and prep allows you to stick with your plan and lessens the chance that you’ll reach for unhealthy convenience foods.

Taking time for yourself  benefits everyone around you. A happier, healthier you is good for everyone. 

5. Plan A Trip

Vacations are always a good motivator! Whether you want to look good poolside or be able to hike all day with the kids without stopping to catch your breath. A trip helps you set a deadline for achieving your fitness goals. 

Creating a fitness goal is the first step in improving your health. These tips will help you stay on track and achieve the results you desire. 

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5 Tips for Achieving Fitness Goals

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