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What is Stitch Fix?


By now you’ve probably heard about Stitch Fix. If you haven’t jumped on board yet and are still wondering what is Stitch Fix, I’m going to break it down for you.  I’ll start by telling you it’s the best way for busy moms (& dads) to shop.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. The company’s mission is to change the way women & men find clothes they love.  Founder and Harvard grad, Katrina Lake, combines fashion and technology for a truly unique, personalized experience.  Proprietary algorithms help stylists select just-right pieces for each client that are then shipped right to their front door. Get more behind the scenes info about Stitch Fix from my visit to their headquarters in San Francisco.

How Does Stitch Fix Work?

Getting started with Stitch Fix is quite simple.

Step One:  Fill out your Style Profile


  • First, your style profile asks for your sizes & proportions. Be honest. They now offer Maternity, Petite and Plus Sizes .
  • Next, you fill out how you like your clothes to fit (loose, fitted, etc.) and the cuts you prefer.  Are you into boot cut or skinny jeans?  High, low or mid waisted items?  Select which body parts you like to show off and which ones you prefer to keep hidden.
  • Then, the style profile shows you pictures of different styles and has you rate them. This is followed by a series of questions.  You select if you would prefer to receive work clothes, every day clothing, special occasion clothing. You can tell them what you want as well as items to avoid. I’m not so sure about the “are you a parent” question. Yes, I’m a mom but I don’t want you to send me mom jeans or anything like that. I want to be a stylish mom.
  • Next, select your price points.  Select price ranges for what you would ideally spend in each category: accessories, tops, bottoms, dresses, jewelry, outer layers, shoes.  Choose from: the cheaper the better, $50-$100, $100-$150, $150-$200, $200+.  Stitch Fix says the average price point for most of their items is $55.  I’ve got most of my price ranges set at $50-$100.  I have dresses and outerwear set to $100-$150.
  • Lastly,  tell them all about you.  This is where you will want to be specific. If you hate sweaters let your stylist know so they won’t send them to you. Love dresses or a certain brand, let them know.  You can and should link up your Pinterest Style board.  Then fill your board with ideas of styles you would like to receive.  You can also follow Stitch Fix’s boards on Pinterest and pin pieces you like.
Step Two: Schedule A Fix

Use the calendar to select a date to receive your Fix shipment. Stitch Fix is not a subscription service. You choose how frequently you receive fixes.  Put it on auto-pilot and have shipments sent automatically every 2-3 weeks, once a month or every other month. Or have fixes sent on demand when you choose.

After you schedule your shipment a stylist will select five items for you. The items come from over 250 established and up-and-coming brands. You will be charged a $20 styling fee that can be used toward any items you decide to keep. If you don’t purchase anything you lose the styling fee.

Download my guide on getting your best fix with tips to help you never lose your styling fee. You can access the How To Get Your Best Fix Guide in my free resource library. Get the password for the free library by subscribing at the bottom of this post.

Step Three: Try On Your Items

Your fix arrives via FedEx on your front door, neatly packaged.

A Peek Inside a Stitch Fix Box

Inside are your 5 items, a style card, price list/receipt and return envelope.

Try on everything.  Even if you’re not sure about an item, try it on.  You may surprise yourself by pulling off something you didn’t think you could.  Use the style cards to see how to put pieces together.  The best part is, since you try everything on in the convenience of your own home you have all the necessary undergarments to try things on with.  Need a strapless bra, no problem.  You can also match up items with things you already own.

Step Four:  Keep What You Want & Return the Rest

Once you’ve decided what you want to keep and what you don’t, simply go online or to the mobile app to checkout and give feedback for each item. The checkout process is very simple. Select whether you want to keep the item and then make note of how it fit, if you liked the style, if the price was right, etc. Remember the more feedback you give the better your fixes will be.  If you buy all 5 pieces you get a 25% discount.  Put what you don’t want in the pre-labeled envelope and drop it in a mailbox.  You can even go on-line and schedule a USPS pick-up for free.

Get Started

So what are you waiting for?  Use my referral link and give it a try today.  You deserve something just for you.

Curious about what comes in a typical fix?  Check out my Stitch Fix Reviews. Haven’t had much luck with Stitch Fix? Download my guide on getting your best fix with tips to help you get the most out of the styling service. You can access the How To Get Your Best Fix Guide in my free resource library. Get the password for the free library by subscribing below.

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