A Visit to Stitch Fix Headquarters

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It’s no secret I LOVE Stitch Fix.  Not only do I love the personal styling service they provide, I also admire them as a company.  I enjoy being part of their influencer group and sharing the services they provide with my readers.  I’ve read so many great examples of how they go above and beyond for their clients.  Since we were headed to San Francisco for our family vacation I had to make a stop at Stitch Fix headquarters.

I reached out to the influencer team about scheduling a visit and was so excited when they happily agreed to give me a tour.

A Visit to Stitch Fix Headquarters

Location, Location, Location

Stitch Fix Headquarters is situated in a busy section of downtown San Francisco between Union Square and the Financial District.  The move to their new office space was one of the biggest expansions in San Francisco in 2015. They currently occupy three floors in One Montgomery Tower with additional floors available for expansion.

The building is fresh and modern.  It has those fancy automated elevators that you either have to have a key card for or have security punch in your floor.  I headed to the security desk in the lobby and they sent me up to the 15th floor.

Stitch Fix Headquarters
First Impressions

When the elevator doors opened to the 15th floor I was impressed by the clean techie feel of the offices.  The company’s signature palette of white, grey and pops of mint decorates the open concept office.  Upon entering the lobby area I signed in on a white iPad, which included signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Since I was a little early I took a seat on a modern-looking couch in the waiting area and observed the office vibe.  There were fresh flowers on the sleek white table.  I watched a group in a nearby glass walled conference room eagerly share ideas.  I saw employees walk their bikes into the office and over to the bike rack inside, very San Francisco.

It wasn’t long before a very bubbly lady, Hannah Brown, popped around the corner and introduced herself.  Hannah is Stitch Fix’s Influencer Marketing Coordinator. She oozes the positive, stylish energy that is Stitch Fix culture.  I enjoyed listening to her excitedly describe what it’s like to work at Stitch Fix as she showed me around the different floors the company occupies.

Stitch Fix Headquarters- Be Your Best Self
Company Culture

Before I even set foot in Stitch Fix’s office I knew they had an excellent company culture just from being a client.  When you receive a shipment from Stitch Fix every detail is taken into consideration.  Each piece is neatly folded and packaged with a thoughtful note.  As part of the influencer program I feel like Stitch Fix works hard to help the influencer community achieve success.  I’ve seen examples of Stitch Fix clients talking about how touched they were after receiving a special note or gift from their stylist after mentioning a personal hardship they faced.

As Hannah showed me around I noticed motivational quotes woven into the art adorning the office.  Like the “Be Your Best Self” artwork I had to snap a selfie in front of. I’m wearing the Vacation Fix my stylist picked out for this trip!

There were also fun small spaces throughout the offices where employees got together to collaborate and share ideas.  Hannah told me one of her favorite places to get some work done are the funky booths that overlook the city.  A cozy place to let inspiration strike.  If you weren’t already inspired enough by the racks and racks of clothing, style boards or perfectly styled vignettes throughout the offices.

Stitch Fix Headquarters - vignette

So Much More

When you think about Stitch Fix you probably think about them as a fashion company.  But they are so much more than a fashion company or styling service.  They are also a technology company.  The company combines data science and algorithms with the personal touch of an expert stylist to deliver fashion to the doorsteps of men and women of all sizes.  When you initially think about what that might involve you probably think about someone in front of a computer, in a room full of clothes looking at profiles and grabbing items to throw into boxes and ship off.

Through my tour I learned that there is so much more to Stitch Fix.  They have about 6,000 employees.  Not all of which work in the San Fransisco office.  They also have offices in Austin and Pittsburgh. Along with warehouses in San Francisco, Indianapolis, Dallas, Phoenix and Bethelhem (PA).  Many of their over 3,000 stylists work from home in cities all over the country.

During my visit I saw the accounting department, the marketing department, women’s division, men’s division, and the sizing department.  That’s right, a dedicated team makes sure things fit just right.  I watched as people actually measured each piece received at HQ.  Pieces get sent back to the brand if the fit or proportions are off in any way.  Talk about attention to detail.  There is so much that goes into getting that little box of sunshine delivered to your front door.

I also got the opportunity to meet Hege Thorbjornsen, Stitch Fix Influencer Marketing Manager.  Both Hannah and Hege were so delightful to talk with and terrific brand ambassadors. I truly appreciate the time they took out of their day to give me a behind the scenes glimpse of Stitch Fix.  I’m sad I forgot to snap a picture with them.

Stitch Fix Gift
Parting Gift

Before I left Hannah presented me with this fun Stitch Fix tote.  Hannah and Hege tucked a thoughtful handwritten note, a stylish mint tote and a pair of earrings by Bancroft inside.  Their hospitality blew me away.

You can check out my Stitch Fix Reviews here to learn more or schedule a fix of your own by using the link below.

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  1. What a neat experience! I love Stitch Fix too and I’ve read about their emphasis on data management enhancing the way they do business (as an analyst myself, I think that’s pretty cool!). Have you heard any reviews on the Men’s Stitch Fix?

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