Stitch Fix Men Review- My Husband’s First Fix!

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When my favorite styling service, Stitch Fix, announced they are now offering Stitch Fix Men I knew I had to schedule a fix for my husband! And yes, I got him to model his fix!  I’ve got a full Stitch Fix Men Review of my Husband’s first fix.

Stitch Fix Men Review

Stitch Fix Men

Getting Started

The first step was signing him up and filling out his style profile, which I of course took care of myself. I really liked how the Stitch Fix Men style profile was set-up and wish they would transfer over some of the same features to the women’s.  To me it is much more thorough, easy to follow and includes lots of pictures to help the man in your life identify his style.


Stitch Fix Men Style Profile
Outfits – Stitch Fix Men Style Profile
Stitch Fix Men Style Profile
Brands – Stitch Fix Men Style Profile

The pictures are so helpful.  I know if you asked most men how they like their shirts or jeans to fit you would probably get a blank stare or an I don’t know I just want them to fit.  Kudos to whoever designed the men’s style profile for making it so easy and straight forward!  After selecting style and fit you select your price range for different items.

Stitch Fix Men Style Profile- Budget
Budget – Stitch Fix Men Style Profile

First Impressions

Next, I scheduled my husband’s 1st fix!  Something I noticed right away in all the email correspondence is the more masculine forest green branding colors.  The same was true when the box arrived at our door.

Stitch Fix Men- BoxWhen you open the box, the 5 items custom selected by your stylist are wrapped in manly butcher paper instead of the more feminine tissue paper in the women’s fixes.

Stitch Fix Men Unboxing

Check out my un-boxing video below and 1st impressions of the items sent.

As you can see we had opinions about the items right out of the box.  But, some of those opinions changed once my husband actually tried the items on.

Stitch Fix Men Review

Stitch Fix Men - Ezekiel Twill Shirt and Flag & Anthem Jean
Ezekiel Sanders Twill Shirt $56 and Flag & Anthem Erie Jean $69.50

Out of the box and in person the Sanders Twill Shirt from Ezekiel reminded us of a Mexican blanket.  It was so soft but not really my husband’s style.  We sent it back but I really like the way it looks in pictures.  The Erie Jean by Flag & Anthem was a keeper.  Love the wash and the price seemed like a steal.

Stitch Fix Men - Grayers Paxton Twill Shirt and Mavi Zach Pant
Grayers Paxton Twill Shirt $88 and Mavi Zach Pant $98

Out of the box we weren’t really sure about the Paxton Twill Shirt by Grayers.  You can’t really see it in the picture but it’s got a little green x shaped pattern on it.  The shirt is very soft and looks great on so it’s a keeper along with the Zach Straight Leg Pant by Mavi.  I’ve gotten pants from Mavi in my previous fixes and LOVE them!  The pants are so soft and a nice casual option.

Stitch Fix Men Stance Socks
Stance Rocklin Super Invisible 3-Pack Socks $30

The last item my husband received is a 3-Pack of Super Invisible Socks from Stance.  My first thought is that they would be the fall back item if he didn’t like anything else in his Fix.  We could at least keep the socks and not lose the $20 styling fee.  But since he ended up keeping 3 out of the 5 items $30 for no show socks seemed a bit pricey so we sent them back in the pre-paid envelope.  However, now that I’m doing the math keeping everything would have only cost us $1 more with the Buy 5 25% off discount.  Oh Well.  Details to make sure I pay attention to next time.  And yes there will be a next time.  I’ve already scheduled my husband’s next fix! You can choose to receive fixes automatically or on demand.


Overall the Stitch Fix Men experience was great.  I really like how they make it easy for guys to fill out their sizes and style profile.  They even walk them through what to do and include style cards to show them different ways to wear the pieces.  My husband hardly ever goes shopping so this is a great way to add items to update his wardrobe without having to go out.

Give it a try

Use my link to schedule a fix for the man in your life (or one of your own).  You can even purchase Stitch Fix Gift Cards for the upcoming holiday season or birthdays.  Check out my post about The Gift of Stitch Fix- My Sister’s 1st Fix.

Special thanks to my husband who was a good sport and fabulous model! Isn’t he handsome!

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