Weekly Menu 7/29/18- Simple Summer Meals

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It’s Summer. It’s H-O-T. At the end of the day I don’t feel like cooking.  So I’ve got simple Summer meals on this week’s menu that still fit with my LIIFT4 meal plan.

July 29th Weekly Menu - Simple Summer Meals

Simple Summer Meals

We are reaching that point in the Summer when we’re all just ready for it to be over.  It’s hot outside.  The kids seem to just be hanging around inside all day.  And you can’t really blame them because it’s so hot.  I’ve been sneaking out to the pool a couple times a week for a quick dip during my “lunch hour”.

By the time the work day is over and it’s time to cook dinner I’m spent.  So this week I picked the easiest meals I could find that still fit with my LIIFT4 Meal Plan.

The fajitas can be made on the grill or stove top. They will also make good use of the bell peppers growing in the garden.

Aztec casserole is just a fancy name for ground meat mixed together with brown rice, cilantro and salsa.  So easy.

I bake the fish for fish tostadas in the oven with a little lime juice and chili powder. Then toast corn tortillas under the broiler.  Top with fish, avocado, salsa and cilantro.

I’m trying out the grilled shrimp boil packets for the first time.  I’ve made something similar before.  You just wrap everything in foil and cook on the grill or in the oven.

Printable Weekly Menu

The weekly menu is a word doc so you can download and make changes to suit your needs. Just click on the image below to download, edit and print.  I’ve included the regular menu format and the LIIFT4 Meal Plan Template.

Weekly Menu- July 29th - simple summer meals

LIIFT4 Meal Plan Template

LIIFT4 Meal Plan- July 29

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