Weekly Menu 4/23/17

April 23rd Weekly Menu

This week’s menu is full of convenience.  The week starts off with a quick trip to Vegas and then a couple nights of baseball.  I do have one new meal service I’m looking forward to trying.

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Weekly Menu 4/9/17

Weekly Menu

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration you’re not going to find it in this week’s menu.  But you will get a look at what real life menu planning looks like. When I plan my weekly menu the first thing I do is fill in what is going on next to each day.  That way I know what meal to plan for practical reasons.  If we’ve got soccer practice and a baseball game the same night I know it’s a portable meal night that I’ll bring to the fields with us.  If I don’t have any activities in the evening I know I can cook a meal.   Continue reading “Weekly Menu 4/9/17”

Weekly Menu 4/2/17

April 2nd Weekly Menu

I’m cooking with Blue Apron again this week.  I really like how you can preview their menu and skip the weeks that you don’t want to receive shipments.  Not mention that the weeks that I cook with Blue Apron make my grocery trip so much shorter!  Check out my full Blue Apron Review to learn how the meal service works. Continue reading “Weekly Menu 4/2/17”

Weekly Menu 3/26/17

March 26th Weekly MenuThis week we don’t have to eat dinner in the car between practices (see last week’s menu for those ideas) but we do still have soccer practice and a baseball game this week so I’m back to using my Instant Pot and Slow Cooker. Continue reading “Weekly Menu 3/26/17”

Weekly Menu 3/19/17

March 19th Weekly MenuAfter a nice break last week it’s time to get back into the swing of things, literally.  We’ve got 3 baseball games this week and soccer practice which means I’ll be packing our dinner to eat between practice and the game.  Continue reading “Weekly Menu 3/19/17”