Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Ideas

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Ninja Turtle Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Blake’s 6th birthday with a Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.  The kids had a blast!  We held the party at Lifetime Fitness and had the best party co-ordinator.  I brought in the ideas and he helped set everything up and really got into playing with the kids.  I’m sharing all the details to help you plan your own Ninja Turtle Birthday Party.


Ninja Turtle Party Invitation

I used Evite for the invitations.  They actually have a Ninja Turtle themed invitation!  I like using Evite because it makes it easier for people to RSVP and it’s easier to see who you’ve invited and if they’ve looked at the invitation.


Ninja Turtle BalloonsAll the paper plates and napkins are from Party City and Target.  I picked up some extra green plates which came in handy. The idea for the Ninja Turtle balloons is from  The giant Ninja Turtle balloon is from Party City.  I ordered the cute birthday shirt on Etsy from leoandlyla.

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Timeline

Our party was two hours broken down into:

  • 30 minutes Rock Climbing
  • 30 minutes Nerf Gun War & Games
  • 60 minutes Pizza, Cake & Presents

Fun & Games

Nunchucks & Masks


As guests arrived they got to choose a Ninja Turtle Mask to wear.  I ordered the masks on Etsy from PersonalGCreation.

Rock climbingThe kids rock climbed.

Ninja Nerf War

Ninja Nerf WarThen they had a Nerf gun war.  The party co-ordinator split them into two teams.  We put out black balloons with red crepe paper masks to be the bad guys.  He had them try to shoot the other team’s bad guy.  They also used the nunchucks to “fight” the bad guys that were taped to the walls around the room. The idea for the bad guy balloons is from The Meta Picture.  I made the nunchucks out of foam pipe insulation from the hardware store.  The idea for the nunchucks came from Catch My Party.

Tip: If you don’t want the balloons to fly up to the ceiling don’t use helium.  We were going to anchor them to the floor which is why I used helium.

Ninja Turtle Games


Once all the bad guys had been defeated we played games.

Ninja Turtle Pizza Game

Ninja Turtle Pizza GameFirst we played the Ninja Turtle Pizza Game. Since the Ninja Turtles love pizza, the kids tried to get pizzas into a pizza box. I found mini frisbees at Party City and printed a picture of a pizza onto brown circle labels.  I got the mini pizza box from Papa Murphy’s.  The pizza game idea is from Catch My Party.

Ninja Star Game

Ninja Turtle Star Game

Next, we played the Ninja Star Game. The kids took turns throwing foam ninja stars that I purchased from Party City.  To be honest, the foam stars didn’t go very far.

Cake, Pizza & Presents

TMNT Birthday Cake

Games were followed by pizza & cake.  The cake is from Kroger. I put all the nunchucks in the goody bags while they ate to avoid disaster.

Thank you note

Then we opened presents.  I took a picture of the birthday boy with each gift giver and gift.  That way I didn’t have to write down who gave what for thank you notes.  I also used the picture as the thank you note.

Party Favors
Ninja Turtle Party Favors

Each guest left with a Ninja Turtle mask, nunchucks, tattoo, bracelet, turtle ring pop and turtle fruit snacks. I meant to tie one of the balloons to each bag but didn’t get around to it.

It was a fun party!  Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.


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