Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Boy Baby Shower IdeasMy sister is expecting a baby boy this Spring!  I couldn’t be more excited for her.  If you follow my blog you’re probably starting to feel like you know her yourself.  She’s been featured in my Stitch Fix Reviews (most recently a Maternity Fix) and you got to see all the details of her Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  She’s pretty special to me and I couldn’t wait to throw a baby shower in her honor.  I’m sharing the boy baby shower ideas we used including decor, food and games.

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Super Bowl Hangover Menu

We’ve got Super Bowl fever here in Houston!  With all the events and parties leading up to the big game you might find yourself with a hangover before the game even starts.  I’m sharing my Super Bowl Party Hangover Menu to get you through the game.

Super Bowl Party Hangover Menu

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Our Mexican Christmas Celebration

A few years ago my family started celebrating Christmas like different countries do around the world.  It’s a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures.  I always research the traditional foods and customs.  Last year we had a Mexican Christmas Celebration.  Christmas is widely celebrated in Mexico so it wasn’t hard to find information to help plan our celebration.  This is my family’s take on Christmas in Mexico.

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Fall Home Decor

Happy 1st Day of Fall!  I love the change of seasons and I’m so excited to break out my pumpkin scented everything! Today I’m sharing our Fall home decor.

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Hosting Bunco Night


Yes, as much as my husband likes to make fun of me I am in a Bunco group.  And I love it!  To my husband, Bunco was something his mother used to do and yes the first group I subbed in was with some neighbors who are a little older than me.  But my current group is filled with ladies that are about the same age as me and are in the same season of life.Bunco Meme

In my opinion it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people as you go through different seasons in life.  When B was a baby I had a group of ladies that I would get together with, aka a Playgroup.  We would share all our latest baby raising stories, ask our “is this normal questions”, enjoy a reason to get dressed and out of the house and some adult conversation.  I’ve always felt really lucky to have had that sort of support as a new mom.  Now as a mom of an elementary schooler it’s been great to have a group to talk with about new challenges and get ideas from.

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