Healthy Eating for Kids

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Figuring out what you should be feeding your kids can be overwhelming. You want to be sure they’re getting the right foods in the right amounts to help them grow healthy bodies and brains. I’ve found the ultimate guide on healthy eating for kids. Plus, a FUN way to get them to try new foods. If you struggle with getting your kids to try new foods you’ll definitely want to grab the Kid’s Adventures in Eating Tracker from the resource library. Healthy Eating for Kids - Adventures in Eating Food Tracker Kids tend to be picky about what they eat. They don’t come with a manual on what and how much to feed them either. To be honest, I was so happy that my son’s daycare had an outstanding nutrition program. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to feeding him. The kitchen manager really cared about what the children ate and would feed them things like black beans and sneak kale into the spaghetti sauce. I believe this helped make my son a non-picky eater. 

Ultimate Portion Fix for Kids

If you’re lost on what to feed your kids and don’t have the benefit of a nutrition-focused daycare or school program you’ll want to check out Ultimate Portion Fix. The Beachbody On Demand nutrition program is an expansion of Autumn Calabrese’s color coded, portion-control container system from 21 Day Fix.  It teaches you how to develop healthy eating habits for life while still enjoying your favorite foods like cookies & wine.  And it includes a whole Family Fix unit. It’s the ultimate guide in figuring out what foods and how much of each your child should be eating. It also teaches you how to teach your kids the benefits of healthy eating and how to develop a positive relationship with food. Which is so important especially as children grow and develop. 

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After my son turned 10 he became really focused on his appearance. He suddenly wanted to borrow my weights to work out. He became concerned whether or not what he was eating was healthy or good for him. I wasn’t sure at first if our focus on working out and eating healthy was rubbing off on him, because kids are always watching. But after talking with a few other moms of kids his age I found their son’s were going through this health & appearance conscious phase too. It wasn’t just food & working out. It was making sure his hair was just right as well.  

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Family Fix

My son loved going through the Ultimate Portion Fix Family Fix units with me. It was especially helpful that Autumn’s son, who is about the same age as mine, is featured in some of the videos. The videos show you & your kids how to make healthier choices at the grocery store and how to get your kids involved in the kitchen. 

Not a Diet

Don’t worry, Portion Fix is not a diet. Unless your child has a medical problem that requires a special diet, they shouldn’t be on a “diet”. Ultimate Portion Fix really just helps you feed your kids the variety of foods they need to help them feed their growing bodies. There are suggested portions based on age and activity level but they are given in ranges so you have plenty of flexibility.

Variety is Key

The key really is the variety. If you’re like me you sometimes wonder when is the last time your child ate a vegetable. Many kids are what parents like to call picky eaters. They only want chicken nuggets, hot dogs or mac-n-cheese. Nope, no vegetables there. Vegetables contain so many vitamins and nutrients that it’s important to find a way to get your kids to eat them. 

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Adventures In Eating Food Tracker

That’s where the Kid’s Adventures in Eating Food Tracker comes in. Sometimes we get so used to our kids refusing to eat healthy food that we just stop offering it to them. I didn’t think my son would eat spinach but one day when I was making a bacon wrap with spinach I put some on the side for him. To my surprise he actually ate it! And liked it!  Kids will surprise you sometimes. 

See How To Use The Food Tracker

Food List

Adventures in Eating Food list The Kid’s Adventures in Eating Food Tracker is a fun way to get your kids to try new foods and keep track of what they like and don’t like. The food tracker includes all the foods on the Ultimate Portion Fix Food list. It is arranged by food type/container color to help your kids become more familiar with what foods go in which containers. The foods at the top of each list are the healthiest and most nutrient dense, aka best for you. There’s also room at the bottom of each list to add your own food finds.

How I Ate It

Trying new foods As your child tries each food there is a place to write down how they ate it. There are many different ways to prepare and try new foods. For example you can eat carrots raw or cooked. You can scramble, poach or hard-boil an egg. You can use dips and toppings to make foods more desirable like carrots with ranch dip. Encourage your child to try new foods several different ways. If they don’t like a food one way they make like it another. This post on How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy has more ideas for making foods more likeable. 


healthy kids eating new foods like or dislike After your child tries a new food they can use the green, red and yellow stickers to mark whether or not they like a food. I highly suggest purchasing a set of happy/sad face stickers (available on Amazon- affiliate link included) to help your child mark which foods they like and which ones they didn’t. You can also just draw a happy or sad face. Now you’ll have a record of what foods they like and proof that they actually said they like it.

healthy eating for kids fun

Trying new foods really can be fun!

Bonus Fun

Kid's Adventures in Eating Bingo The Kid’s Adventures in Eating Tracker includes a Bingo card to turn trying new foods into a game!  Challenge your kids to either try different foods to form a diagonal or straight line. Play a game of four corners or go big and try to get a blackout and try ALL the foods on the game card. Follow me on Facebook and look for opportunities to win prizes with your bingo card.

See How To Use the Bingo Card

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