April Stitch Fix Review – Spring Style

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It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my own Stitch Fix Review. You’ve gotten to see my sister’s Maternity Fix and my husband’s Stitch Fix for Men. After finally getting around to doing my annual Closet Clean Out I realized it was time to add some fresh pieces to my wardrobe. I figured Spring is the perfect excuse for a closet update so I scheduled a Stitch Fix delivery of my own.

April Stitch Fix Review

Closet Sadness

My sister used to always say my closet makes her sad due to my lack of clothing. I’m sure she’ll soon find out that once you have kids you tend to spend money on things for them and not so much on yourself anymore.  But, I do think it’s important to treat yourself every once and awhile with something just for you. Stitch Fix has definitely helped my closet reach a higher level of happiness!

How Stitch Fix Works

Since I don’t like to go to the mall, or can’t find the time, I love that Stitch Fix sends pieces right to my front door for me to try on at my convenience.

Here’s a rundown on how it works:

  • Fill Out Your Style Profile
  • Select Your Shipment Date
  • Receive 5 Pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, accessories)
  • Try-On
  • Keep What You Like/ Return What You Don’t in Prepaid Envelope
  • Get a 25% Discount for Keeping All 5 Items

You can link your Pinterest Board to your style profile so your stylist knows what you like.  The more feedback you provide the better your next fix will be.  Set your fixes up for automatic delivery or schedule them on demand.

My Spring Fix

My stylist did an awesome job of putting together a colorful Spring Fix.  Right out of the box I loved all the bright, vibrant colors.

Stitch Fix - Kamala Skinny Jean by Tinsel & Marielle Knit Top by Market Spruce
Kamala Skinny Jean by Tinsel $68 & Marielle Knit Top by Market Spruce $44

First, I tried on the Market & Spruce Marielle Knit Top with the bright coral Kamala Skinny Jean from Tinsel, as Rachel suggested in her note.  The top was something I had pinned on my Pinterest board. It’s always nice to know that your stylist really pays attention to what you like.  The  colors are great but top is a little too short and boxy for my taste.

I really liked the vibrant coral color of the skinny jeans.  I received another pair of pants last year in my June Fix that were similar in color but didn’t work out.  Unfortunately, these didn’t quite work out either.  They were way too skinny and tight on my calves.  I literally had to peel them off.

Stitch Fix -Daniel Rainn Stitch Fix -Knit Top Tinsel Skinny Jean
Syvanna Crochet Yoke Knit Top by Daniel Rainn $58 & Kamala Skinny Jean by Tinsel $68

Next, I tried on the Syvanna Crochet Yoke Knit Top from Daniel Rainn before peeling off the pink skinny jeans.  I love this emerald green color and really wanted this top to work.  It just didn’t fit me very well. My husband wasn’t fond of the crochet detail.  He said it made me look like an old lady.

Stitch Fix -Syvanna Crochet Yoke Knit Top by Daniel Rainn & Kamala Skinny Jean by Tinsel
Syvanna Crochet Yoke Knit Top by Daniel Rainn $58 & Kamala Skinny Jean by Tinsel $68

I think maybe if it had just been on the front it might work but the crochet details go all the way around to the back.

Stitch Fix - Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short
Finnegan Cuffed Short by Dear John $58

Once I peeled the skinny jeans off I tried on the yellow Finnegan Cuffed Shorts by Dear John with my denim top I got at Target (similar here).  I loved the bright sunshine color, unfortunately my husband said they looked like “mom shorts”.  🙁 I don’t really like cuffed shorts since getting them to lay correctly is sometimes challenging.  I really liked the color but they were sort of poofy on me.

Stitch Fix- Skies Are Blue Delaine Belted Shirt Dress
Delaine Belted Shirt Dress by Skies Are Blue $68

Lastly, I tried on the navy Delaine Belted Shirt Dress by Skies Are Blue.  I love that this dress came in a petite.  Overall it fit very well.  I didn’t really like the round neck line.  I also wasn’t too sure about the belt being inside the dress.

What Did I Keep?

If you’re curious as to what I kept from this fix the sad answer is:  nothing.  This is my 1st Fix where there wasn’t at least one item I wanted to keep, which means instead of my $20 styling fee going toward a purchase I essentially lost it.  Which to me was not too big of a deal.  If I had spent the day driving to the mall, getting dressed and undressed in different stores and had come home empty handed, that wasted time would have been worth more to me than $20.

A Nice Surprise

After I put my Stitch Fix pieces back in the return envelope and checked out online I received the nicest surprise.  An email from Stitch Fix saying “Sorry we missed the mark… let us waive your next $20 styling fee”.  It didn’t take me two minutes to schedule my next “risk free” Fix.  I love the service Stitch Fix provides and I love them as a company even more.  I’ve heard so many stories of how they’ve gone out of their way to uplift and truly delight their customers, which is why I am proud to promote them as an affiliate.  Use my affiliate link below to treat yourself to a fix of your own.

I’m linking up with Maria at Crazy Together .  Check out what some of my favorite bloggers received in their Spring fix.


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