Easy Closet Clean Out System

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I get it, you’re probably holding on to a number of things in your closet that you might wear.  Let’s be honest though, you probably won’t.  I developed an easy closet clean out system to help you weed out those maybe never articles of clothing.

Easy Closet Clean-Out System

Easy Closet Clean Out System

Step 1:

At the beginning of each year put a small clear rubber band on every hanger in your closet.

Step 2:

As you wear articles of clothing, take the rubber band off the hanger and put it in a the box till the beginning of the next year.  When the article of clothing gets hung up again it goes on a hanger without a rubber band.

Hanger System

Step 3:

At the end of the year take out all the hangers that still have rubber bands and ideally get rid of those items.

Closet Clean Out
This year’s clean out

Now I will tell you some items made it through the first round.  If you have items you just aren’t ready to part with double banded them. If you haven’t worn them in two years then it’s time they go to someone else who can use them.

You could do the same thing with folded clothes by putting a paper clip on the tag.

I find myself throughout the year trying to “save” pieces by wearing them. It helps me mix things up a bit. But, if I put them on and don’t like the way they fit or the way they make me feel they go straight into the donation box.

Keep the Clutter Out

Another way to keep the clutter out is by only allowing a finite number of pieces to be in your closet.  You can do this by having a certain number of hangers.  I recommend using all the same type of hanger for uniformity, whether it be wood, plastic, etc. (but certainly NO WIRE HANGERS!- a little Mommy Dearest reference).

Pick the number that works for you and your space and stick with it.  This means that once you bring home a new item, an old one has to go.  We keep a box in the closet to collect donation items.  When it gets full I drop it off at a local donation site.

That’s it.  You only have to think about cleaning out your closet once a year and you don’t have to wonder when the last time you wore something was.  It’s working here!

Now that you’ve cleaned out your closet it’s time to Organize Your Closet.

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