Stop Eating Crap- 5 Simple Snack Swaps

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Most of us reach for processed snack foods because they’re conveniently packaged. But if you are what you eat it’s no surprise that you probably feel pretty crappy after getting down with a bag of chips or a box of cookies. Here are 5 simple snack swaps to help you stop eating crap and start feeling better. 

Stop Eating Crap- 5 simple snack swaps - potato chips

You probably don’t stop and take a break to eat a snack like you would for breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s why we usually reach for pre-packaged, processed snack foods we can easily eat on the go. With a few small tweaks, you can make wholesome, good-for-you foods just as easy to grab and go. Fueling your body with healthy foods will help you feel better too. 

5 Simple Snack Swaps

1. Fruit Snacks vs Real Fruit

Many fruit snacks are loaded with extra sugar and other added ingredients like corn syrup and dyes. But why have fake fruit when the real thing is just as easy to take on the go?  Fruits like apples, oranges & bananas are very portable. Or wash and prep fruit like berries and grapes into baggies or your Portion Fix containers  so it’s easy to grab & go. By eating fresh fruits you’ll get loads of vitamins & nutrients without all the extra crap. Try some of these Fruit & Nut Snack Recipes.

2. Chips & Dip vs Carrots & Hummus

Get the crunch & creamy texture of chips & dip but without all the extra fat, calories and processed food. Bags of mini carrots & individual serving size containers of hummus make this another easy grab & go snack.

3. Milkshake/Blended Coffee vs Protein Shake/Smoothie 

Have you ever read the fat & calories on one of those blended coffee drinks?  It’s eye-opening. Instead enjoy the same cold, creamy texture with a healthy smoothie. You can whip up a yogurt or fruit based smoothie. Add a scoop of protein for added benefit. Smoothies are also great for getting your veggies in. Add a handful of spinach or frozen cauliflower. You get the extra nutrients without altering the taste. Shakeology is a protein shake packed with nutrients & protein. They even have a caffe latte flavor that tastes just like a blended coffee. Learn all about Shakeology here. 

4. Pretzels vs Dry Roasted Nuts

Get the salty crunch you desire and a helping of healthy fats. Look for nuts that are lightly salted or unsalted. 

5. Cookies/Crackers vs Protein Bar

Pre-packaged cookies & crackers are filled with sugar & junk. With a protein bar, instead of empty calories and a sugar spike you’ll get a serving of protein and the sweet treat taste you desire.  You can find protein bars in many different flavors, including chocolate. Look for a protein bar that is high in protein and low in sugar, 8 grams or less, like a Beachbar.

Keep The Crap Out

As someone who has done her fair share of crap eating, I can tell you that you definitely feel better when you eat better. It’s just a matter of keeping snack foods on hand that are actually good for you and provide some sort of nutritional value. Keep the crap out of your house and stock up on these simple snack swaps to keep your body fueled and feeling good. 

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