Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

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Soldier Nerf Gun Birthday Party

We recently celebrated B’s 7th birthday with a soldier themed Nerf Gun party.  He is Nerf Gun & Soldier obsessed so combining the two for a party just made sense. It was a lot of fun.  Here are the details for putting together your own Soldier Nerf Gun birthday party.


I sent out the invites through Evite.  I was happy to see that they had a camo theme which made choosing from their many designs quite easy.

Soldier Nerf Gun Party Evite


We made a sign with balloons to make it easier for people to find the party since we were having it at our neighborhood sports complex. (B helped decorate it.)

Camp Blake Sign

Gearing Up

When the party guests arrived we had them go through different stations to get geared up and ready for battle.

Station 1

Soldier Nerf Gun Party -Station 1

First the kids got a bandana (camo or black) and we wrote their names on a dog tag.  The idea was to have a camo team and a black team but all the kids wanted to be camo so we ended up with an every man for himself Nerf war.

Station 2

Soldier Nerf Gun Party -Station 2Next, they headed over for some camo face paint.  B and his friends love painting their face. My husband did the painting.  I made sure to bring a mirror so they could check out their new look.

Station 3

Soldier Nerf Gun Party -Station 3

Next stop, eye protection.  I didn’t want anyone to shoot their eye out! I ordered these from Oriental Trading.

Station 4

Soldier Nerf Gun Party -Station 4Last but not least the boys picked up their Nerf gun.  I got them all the same guns so it would be fair for everyone.  I purchased the Nerf Guns from Target (and saved 5% with my REDcard).

Target Practice

Soldier Nerf Gun Party -Target practiceI set up some targets for the boys to use as target practice while we waited for all the guests to arrive.   I picked the targets up at Walmart.

Nerf War

Soldier Nerf Gun Party - course

Then it was time to head to the course.  We painted some cardboard boxes for the boys to use as hideouts.  Luckily our neighbor purchased some furniture from Ikea so I was able to “steal” these awesome large boxes! We used wooden stakes and zip ties to keep them from blowing over.   There was one vertical box in the middle with flaps on each side and I split  another box to make two smaller hideouts on each side.  Inside the hideouts I placed camo buckets with extra bullets.

Soldier Nerf Gun Party - hiding out

The boys picked their hiding spots.

Soldier Nerf Gun Party - battleThen it was every man for himself.  We played several rounds like this.

Soldier Nerf Gun Party - adults join inThen it was time for the adults to join in the fun!

Food & FavorsSoldier Nerf Gun Party - place settingAfter we worked up an appetite it was time for Pizza, Cake & Ice Cream.  I used Camo Duct Tape to cover the Capri Suns and also wrapped the water bottles as well.

Soldier Nerf Gun Party - cakeThe half chocolate, half vanilla cake with whippy icing was from Kroger.  They placed the tanks, helicopter and flags on there. B decided to add some of his own soldiers.

Guests were sent home with all their gear, including their Nerf Gun as party favors.

Party Timeline:

2:00-2:30     Guests Arrive & Gear Up

2:30-3:30     Nerf War

3:30-4:00     Pizza, Cake & Presents

Party Checklist

This was the first time I’ve hosted a party at a park. Our park areas are on a first come basis so we got lucky that no one else was having a party at the same time.  There were a couple of things (trash bags, bathroom key- yes someone had to go home and get it for us) that I wish had brought that I did not so I’m including a checklist below in case you’re planning an off-site party (click to download).

Birthday Party CheckListAll in All it was a really fun party!


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