Create An Epic Smoothie Station

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My husband and I have smoothies for breakfast every morning.  They’re simple to make and a great grab & go breakfast. Except lugging everything out of the pantry every morning was starting to become a pain in the rear. I knew there had to be a better way. That’s how I came up with my EPIC Smoothie Station. See how easy it is to create your own smoothie station and save precious time every morning. 

Create an Epic Smoothie Station

Smoothies for Breakfast

If you look at my Weekly Menus you’ll notice a trend. Smoothies every morning for breakfast. Why? Because they’re easy, fast and full of vitamins and nutrients. You can add in all sorts of extras to increase the nutrient density of your shake. And that’s where smoothie making started to get annoying for me. 

My husband and I both add different things to our daily Shakeology.  He likes an extra scoop of protein. I like to add Beachbody Recover & Collagen. We both add a teaspoon of peanut butter powder. 

And my counter started to look like this every morning. 

Before smoothie station

I had to lug everything out and then put it all away again. I knew there had to be a much better way. 

Smoothie Station

One day it hit me. Why not use my drawer space to create a smoothie station? Yes! I was so excited. I may have told my husband several times that it was going to be EPIC! 

And guess what? It has been!  I love my new smoothie station. It makes the morning smoothie process so easy. No more lugging giant tubs of extras over to the counter.  Now, I just scoop, scoop & blend, blend!

Before & After

Create a Smoothie Station

  1. First, decide where you will create your smoothies. You’ll want a spot that allows you to plug in your blender and lay out your supplies.
  2. Next, choose a place to store your smoothie supplies. This should be a drawer, cabinet or counter top area near where you make your smoothies. My Nutribullet is stored in a cabinet. nutribullet storage - smoothie stationShakeology packets and supplements are stored in drawers under the cabinet. smoothie station drawersBananas are in a nearby fruit basket on the counter. Everything is right at my finger tips. 
  3. Then, choose containers to hold your smoothie supplies. So you don’t have to lug out large containers put your supplements in smaller containers. You can store the extra supplements in the pantry and refill as necessary.  Shakeology & Straws - smoothie stationI used acrylic drawer organizers to hold Shakeology packets & straws in one drawer. Smoothie station containers & labelsAnd plastic food storage containers to hold protein powder, recover, collagen and peanut butter powder. All from Target. Be sure to put scoops in each container. I used clear mailing labels to label each container. 

It’s that simple! I’ve loved making smoothies with my smoothie station. It really does save me time in the morning. Also, I’m no longer frustrated by having to schlepp everything back and forth from the pantry each morning. 

Do have an epic smoothie station?  I’d love to see it. 

Also, if you’d like to make smoothies but just can’t seem to get it right you might want to check out these Tips for the Best Smoothies. You’ll be a smoothie making pro in no time. 

2 thoughts on “Create An Epic Smoothie Station”

  1. So smart! I’m glad I finally got to see your new system 🙂 I will need to do some arranging but this will be happening at my house asap! We love smoothies every single morning too

    1. Thanks Christen! Glad you’ve been inspired to create your own smoothie station. I’d love to see what you come up with for your own space.
      Smoothies are such an easy morning meal.

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