4 Must Know Tips for Starting LIIFT4

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“I’m starting LIIFT4 on Monday, any tips?”  It’s a question I’ve been seeing over and over in Facebook groups. For good reason, if you’ve decided to commit to a fitness program you want to be sure you get the most out of it.  That’s why I’ve put together 4 must know tips for starting LIIFT4 to help you succeed. 

Top 4 tips for starting LIIFT4

What is LIIFT4

LIIFT4  is a Beachbody fitness program from trainer Joel Freeman.  The program combines weight lifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).   The 32 unique workouts are only 4 days a week and about 40 minutes each.  

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4 Must Know Tips for Starting LIIFT4

If you’re looking to get the most out of LIIFT4 you’ll want to follow these 4 tips. I narrowed down the list from personal experience and dozens of discussion threads to bring you the most important things you should do to see the results you desire. 

1. Follow the Nutrition

Fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Fueling your body properly will help you get the results you desire. The LIIFT4 meal plan is pretty straight forward. It uses the portion fix colored containers to help you get the correct balance of macronutrients. You even get a cheat meal!

There are also additional options if you’re looking to really build muscle.

If you need a little help with meal planning for LIIFT4 check out my LIIFT4 Meal Ideas post. There you will find meal plan templates for your eating plan and color combo meal ideas. You can also see my actual LIIFT4 meal plans under the Weekly Menu tab.

2. Track Your Weights

LIIFT4 was the first program that I actually printed out and used the weight tracker. And boy did it make a difference. Knowing what weights I used last really helped me push myself and bump my weights up little, by little. 

To find the LIIFT4 Weight Tracker:

How to find the LIIFT4 Weight Tracker

  • On Beachbody On Demand open LIIFT4
  • Then go to the Program Materials Tab
  • The 2nd item under the Calendar is the LIIFT4 Weight Progression Tracker
  • Click on it to open & print

3. Start Light

You want somewhere to progress to so start out with light weights. For some of the moves I started with 2 pound weights. Heck, there are even some exercises you might need to start with no weight at all. Swimmers and shoulder flies are no joke. 

You also want to perfect your form before you move up in weight. Use a mirror, listen to Joel’s cues and make sure you’re doing the move correctly. If you lift too heavy, especially with bad form, you could risk injury. 

There’s also no shame in modifying. Sometimes you can get more out of a move by doing the modification. For example, doing push-ups on your knees can help you get deeper into your chest muscles and increase your range of motion. You can always do a couple of reps and then switch to the modification. 

4. Be Patient

Change takes time so be patient. If you’ve never lifted weights before don’t be intimidated. Do what you can, pause if you need to and know that the more you try the easier it will get. 

Don’t get discouraged. Yes, the cast may lift heavier than you. Some of them are beasts! They also had weeks of rehearsals before filming the program. 

If the scale isn’t moving don’t be frustrated. Your body is changing even if the scale isn’t. Be sure to take before pictures and measurements so you can see your progress. Sometimes you’ll lose inches without losing pounds. A pound of muscle takes up a lot less room than a pound of fat. 

You will be sore. Even if you’ve done similar exercise before. It never fails, whenever I start a new program I am so sore. It’s just because you’re changing things up. Soak in an Epsom salt bath, stretch or get a massage. 


People are seeing great results & loving the LIIFT4 fitness program. I definitely noticed muscle gains. When I was driving one day my arm crossed my body and I felt my bicep and was like “Woah!” where did that come from?  I certainly feel stronger.

Ready to give LIIFT4 a try?  Use the link below to get started today.  I’m  happy to answer any questions you might have about this or any other Beachbody program.  If you’re looking for accountability I’ve got you covered as well.

liift4 challenge pack

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