Weekly Menu 6/9/19

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This week’s menu follows 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan B. If you’re following a different meal plan just add or subtract containers as necessary. You can also find templates for each meal plan in my resource library.  If you’re not following the 80 Day Obsession meal plan you’ll still find lots of great meal ideas. It’s all normal food. 

June 9th Weekly Menu

Meal Plans

I think when people see “meal plan” they automatically think restrictive and odd foods. But, the great thing about the 80 Day Obsession and Portion Fix meal plans is you’re really eating normal foods. The plans just help you make sure you’re fueling your body with enough of each food type. If you’ve never checked out the meal plans before you’d probably be surprised at just how much food you should be eating. 

For me it helped me realize that I don’t eat near enough vegetables on my own. Which is important to correct because vegetables contain so many vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. When you’re giving your body what it needs, not just what it wants (like chips & candy) you feel so much better. The meal plans aren’t about being on a diet. They’re about making sure your body has what it needs to feel good. And guess what, the Portion Fix meal plan still allows you to have those things you  want like chips, chocolate & wine! The 80 Day Obsession meal plan is a bit more dialed in because it’s designed for people looking to achieve a higher level of performance from their body. 

Printable Weekly Menu

The weekly menu is a word doc so you can download and make changes to suit your needs. Just click on the image below to download, edit and print.  I’ve included the regular menu format and the 80 Day Obsession Container Count Meal Plan Template.

Weekly Menu- June 9

80 Day Obsession Meal Plan Template

80 Day Obsession Meal Plan- june 9

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