Light Up Christmas Sign Tutorial

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Light Up Christmas Sign Tutorial

I decided to change up our mantel this Christmas after finding this marquee sign on Pinterest.  I was determined to create my own. Then I realized it’s a little more than I wanted to take on.  I’m more of a DSYer (Do SOME Yourself) than a DIYer.  Yes, I’m coining a new phrase.  I think it describes my abilities perfectly.  So I set out to find something I could put together to get the light-up effect I wanted without starting from scratch. Here are my steps for creating your own Light Up Christmas Sign.

First, I headed to Hobby to Lobby and found just what I was looking for.

*Tip:  Hobby Lobby is one of those places that you shouldn’t purchase anything unless it’s on sale.  They usually mark things 50% off  and rotate their sale items, so if it’s not on sale this week check back next week.  If you don’t want to wait, the cashier tipped me off that you can go to their website on your phone and scan a 40% off one item coupon.

How To Create a Light Up Christmas Sign

Light Up Sign SuppliesSupplies
InstructionsChristmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- sign pins

Step One:  Use map pins to plot out where you will push the lights through.

Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- light drillingStep Two:  Tear the cardboard off the back of the canvas.  Use a drill to poke holes in the canvas. Then push the lights through.  Make adjustments as necessary to make the lights fit just right.
Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- lights

Step Three:  Put mounting squares on the back of the sign.

Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- board drilling

Step Four:  Drill through the chalkboard.  I had to bring in the muscle and have my husband help.

Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- board cutting

Step Five:  Use Tin Snips to make a hole for the light cord to fit through.

Christmas Light Up Sign Tutorial- light cord

Step Six:  Thread the light cord through the hole and mount the sign on the chalkboard with the mounting squares.

Finished Product

2015 Christmas Mantle




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