Sporty Boy’s Room

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Sporty Boy's Room

You’ve seen bits and pieces of B’s room but today I’m giving you a full tour and I’ve saved the best part for last.  Here are all the ideas I used to create a sporty boy’s room.

From Baby Boy Nursery

When I first set out to design (I’m using that word loosely because I don’t consider myself a designer by any means) B’s nursery I wanted it to be something he could grow with.

Color Basics

He was born pre-Pinterest, gasp, so I didn’t have the luxury of creating a board with all sorts of fun ideas.  Since I’m not really into kid themes I started by choosing bedding with basic blue and green colors.  From there I Googled nursery paint ideas and found one that went with the bedding and tied in my blue, green and brown color palette.  We hired a painter and I printed out the picture of how I wanted the room painted and a few hours later it was done!  I painted several rooms at our old house and have come to realize I just really don’t enjoy painting.

Boy's Nursery

Furniture To Grow With

Because I kept the nursery pretty simple and chose furniture that would coordinate with B’s eventual big boy bed the transition from nursery to big boy room was easy and didn’t require much.

To Sporty Boy’s Room

Sporty Boys Room- Bed


The double sized bed is from Pottery Barn along with the sheets, comforter, throw blanket, and pillow shams.  I’m a little disappointed in the sheets, they haven’t held up as well as I thought they would coming from Pottery Barn.  They’ve developed little holes along the seams.


The football and baseball throw pillows are from Target along with the sports themed lamp and Teach Me Time Alarm clock. (Learn more about how we use the features of the clock Here).

And yes, that is a soccer goal tucked into the foot of his bed.  Somehow it became a decoration.  B also likes to hide dirty clothes there 🙂

Sporty Boys Room-nightstand

The nightstand is from Pottery Barn.

The cactus is a souvenir from one of my work trips (more about Making Traveling for Work Easier here).

Sports Art

Sports Wall with car trackOn the left side of B’s room I framed some sports pictures he colored at pre-school.  Once I cut around the outline you can’t see where he colored outside the lines and it makes it look like he was such a talented artist at 3 😉 I glued the pictures to cardstock that went with the accent color in his room and then put them in clip frames.

Under the pictures is a car track he got for his birthday.  I never thought I’d let my child put something like that on their wall.  But since I’m such a cool mom I let him put it up.  If you decide to be a cool mom too just know that your baseboards will suffer.

Baseboard damageThere are certain cars you’re supposed to use with the track that will actually make it through the hoop at the end.  B likes to see if ALL of his cars will make it.  Some are heavier and instead end up crashing into the baseboard below.

Magnetic Wall

Magnet wall

Further down the left wall behind B’s door I created a magnet wall.  It was pretty simple to do and is pretty cool.  The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry to finish the job.   I found the magnetic paint at Home Depot.  I also purchased a cheap poster frame and painted it with the room’s accent color to frame the magnet area.

Make Your Own Magnet Wall 

  1. Apply two coats of magnetic paint (it’s black)
  2. Paint over magnetic paint with desired color
  3. Paint frame
  4. Adhere frame to wall with double sided mounting tape
  5. Add magnets!
Sporty Curtains

Sport Themed CurtainsOn the right wall is B’s window.  I added a black-out curtain from Target to help him sleep-in on the weekends.  Above that is a sports themed valance also from Target.

Baseball Curtain tie backsThese baseball curtain tie backs from Etsy add a fun touch.

Sports Pictures

Dresser and trophiesFurther down the right wall is B’s dresser (See how we organize the inside here). The canvas sport prints on the wall and the one on his dresser are from Target.  I’ve got his framed sport pictures displayed along with his trophies.  I like leaving his old team pictures behind the new ones because it’s fun to look back at how much the kids have changed since they started playing together.

Karate Belt Display

Karate belt display

Next to B’s closet is where I’ve displayed his Karate belts.  For now I’ve just used clear command hooks to hold them in place.

Bookcase Storage

Bookcase & Disney Shrine The bookcase still serves as our Disney Shrine.  The baskets hold B’s hats, wallet and other miscellaneous items. At the bottom is his collection of books.


Now for a peek at what his room looks like on a daily basis.  I always love  when bloggers show what’s on the other side of the camera.  Here’s a pic of what his room looked like before I picked it up to snap some pics.

Sporty boys room- realityYou’re welcome!



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