ThreadLab Review

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I was recently given the opportunity to try out the new men’s clothing service ThreadLab.  According to their website ThreadLab is “a scientific, data-driven men’s clothing service for regular guys who don’t like to shop. (No Subscription required.)”   I’m sharing my husband’s thoughts & experience in this ThreadLab Review.

ThreadLab Review

* I was given credit to try out ThreadLab in exchange for a review on my blog.  All opinions are my own, honest opinion.  

How ThreadLab Works
  1. Sign Up- The sign-up process is pretty simple.  You fill out your sizes, preferred price range and style preferences.  I of course took care of this for my husband and let him look over it to verify I got it all right.
  2. Place an Order- When you place an order you choose which box size you want (Starter, Essentials or Full Kit). You can also check off which kinds of items you are looking for (pants, shirts, socks, etc.).
  3. Preview Your Order- Once your items are selected you receive an email to preview the items before they ship. You can choose to reject items and provide feedback on why you don’t want them.  We took advantage of the preview opportunity and rejected a couple of the initially selected items.  When we got the 2nd preview my husband didn’t want to mess with it anymore so he told me to just go ahead and have them send whatever they picked out.
  4. Sit Back and Wait for your Box- Your box arrives at your door and includes Free 365 day return shipping if something doesn’t work out.

ThreadLab Review

I got my husband all signed up and we chose the Essentials Box.  After you choose your box type you can select up to 5 types of clothing you are interested in receiving : athletic socks, boxer briefs, casual shirts, chinos,  dress socks, polo/golf shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, sweat shirts, t-shirts, undershirts.  Apparently they have some pretty fun socks but my husband already has so many socks, seriously, that we opted for shirts and sweaters instead.

ThreadLab Box Choices

Sneak Peek

Shortly after completing our order we received an email that his preview was ready.  One of the things I noticed first is that during the order process it says the Essentials Box is $149.  His preview box was $160 something.  Unlike the screen shot below that was taken after we received the order, the prices of each piece were not listed during the preview.  In order to figure it out you had to remove an item and see how much comes off the total.  That was sort of annoying to me. I signed up to spend $149 and I was already over what I budgeted.

The good news is, I have since learned they made some changes to resolve this issue.  Each product’s individual prices now show up in the preview.  I love when brands listen to their customer’s feedback and make improvements!   If you want more options to choose from they suggest selecting the $299 box and then reject the items you don’t want to fit your budget. The preview is FREE and you only pay for what you like when you accept the order.

We rejected one piece and then received another preview.  My husband was tired of messing with it so he told me to just have them send what ever they picked out.

What’s in the Box?

Threadlab boxThe box arrived at our door step.  See the unboxing video below.

The Perfect Fit

I had my hubby try on all 3 items he received.  One of the things ThreadLab prides themselves on is their data-driven approach to providing the perfect fit.  In the video you’ll notice I kept saying things looked big but when my husband tried them on he was very happy with the fit.  He usually has a hard time getting arm length just right but they nailed it!

ThreadLab Cobb ShirtMy husband really liked the fit and style of the Cobb button down shirt by ThreadLab.  The contrast cuff and collar are a fun touch. He even left me take a pic.ThreadLab Cobb Shirt

ThreadLab -Threads 4 Thought TeeHe also enjoyed this basic V-neck tee from Threads 4 Thought.  It’s very soft and comfy.

ThreadLab WESC- Anwar SweaterHe liked the fit of the WESC- Anwar Sweater but didn’t like the itchy wool or logo tag on the front of the sweater, just like I predicted in the unboxing video.  This piece will be going back.  Thank goodness for free return shipping.

Final Thoughts

Overall we were impressed with ThreadLab’s ability to send items that fit perfectly.  I really liked the preview option but my husband didn’t really want to put that much effort into it.  The good thing about ThreadLab is  you have the option to get specific or not.  It’s up to you.  There is no styling fee like other services.  Shipping is free both ways and 365 days to return items.

Give It a Try

Use my affiliate link and code: Save20 to give ThreadLab a try yourself and get 20% Off your order.  You can also get FREE previews!


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