Tip Tuesday | Tip #39

Tip #39- Write your grocery list in the order of the store aisles

My husband is not allowed to write on my grocery list. The reason:  I write my grocery list out in the order of the aisles I go down.  This way I’m not jumping from aisle to aisle for things.  I also don’t have to use a pen to mark off items.  Instead I just fold my list as I go to “mark” the items I’ve gotten.  Check out my post on The Easiest Way to Grocery Shop for more grocery shopping tips.

Grocery ListFolded Grocery List

Tip Tuesday | Tip #25

Tip 25- Keep a running grocery listI have to write everything down or I’ll forget something.  For me keeping a running grocery list helps me remember those necessities you’d think I’d remember but never seem to.  I keep a small notepad in a drawer in our kitchen to write things down as we run out of them. Before I go to the store  Continue reading “Tip Tuesday | Tip #25”

Simple Grocery Shopping System

Simple Grocery Shopping System

Being a systematic person I pretty much have a system for doing everything.  Getting ready in the morning, laundry, and even grocery shopping.  You probably have systems or ways of doing things too if you stop and think about it, or maybe not.  For me it just makes things easier.  Today I’m sharing my simple grocery shopping system. A plan to help you tackle grocery shopping. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by grocery shopping, other times I actually enjoy it.  Here are my secrets for making grocery shopping a little easier. Continue reading “Simple Grocery Shopping System”