Our Mexican Christmas Celebration

A few years ago my family started celebrating Christmas like different countries do around the world.  It’s a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures.  I always research the traditional foods and customs.  Last year we had a Mexican Christmas Celebration.  Christmas is widely celebrated in Mexico so it wasn’t hard to find information to help plan our celebration.  This is my family’s take on Christmas in Mexico.

Mexican Christmas Celebration Continue reading “Our Mexican Christmas Celebration”

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

A few years ago after getting tired of eating the same old holiday dinner my sister suggested we celebrate like another country.  So we did!  Every year we choose a different country and celebrate Christmas with that country’s traditions. Celebrating Christmas around the world is a fun way to learn about other countries and cultures.  Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas Around the World”

How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier

How To Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier

Tis the season to give.  But, sometimes the stresses of giving can sour the season.  Here are a few tips & ideas to make holiday gift giving easier. Continue reading “How to Make Holiday Gift Giving Easier”

Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, TX

Santa's Wonderland

We visited Santa’s Wonderland in College Station for the first time last year and are looking forward to going again this year.  We went with a group of friends the Friday before Christmas.  The kids had early release from school so it gave us plenty of time to make the two hour trip to College Station, get there and get in line before it opened.  We chose the VIP parking which allowed us to park close to the entrance.  Surprisingly it wasn’t overly crowded. Continue reading “Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, TX”