4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier

School starts Monday and I don’t know about you but mornings are not my thing. They’re not my son’s either.  We’ve been Easing into our Back to School Routine by going to bed and getting up earlier but I still think it’s going to be rough in the mornings.  Here are a couple of tips I’ve put together to help make school mornings a little easier and less hectic.

4 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier
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Tip Tuesday | Tip #31

Tip 31- Ease back into school with a bedtime routine

August means it’s almost time to head back to school.  I don’t know about you but I’ve been enjoying a summer without alarm clocks and bedtimes.  In order to make the first week of school less of a shock to our system I like to ease us back into the school year with a bedtime routine.  We start 4 weeks out and increase our bed & wake-up times by 15 minutes until school starts. Read more about how we Ease into our Back to School Routine here and download my free printable schedules.

Back to School Organization

Back to School Organization

I can’t believe it’s already time to head back for a new school year.  Before things start to get hectic jump on these back to school organization ideas to help you be prepared.

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Easing into a Back to School Routine

Easing Into A Back To School Routine

Sad to say but Summer is almost over and it’s time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school.  It’s been a great couple of months with lenient bed times and no alarm clocks. In order to make the transition a little smoother I like to ease back into our school routine one week at a time.  Here’s a plan to help you make getting back into a school routine easier. Continue reading “Easing into a Back to School Routine”