80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy

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Have you ever thought about dialing in your nutrition or wondered why some people have such an easy time with meal planning while others are struggling to figure it all out.

You want to stick with your eating and plan and timed nutrition but just don’t know where to start. So many containers to fit in every day. How do you come up with meals that make sense? You want to make the latest recipe you saw on Pinterest but does it fit your containter counts?

Believe me, I’ve been there too. When I started fitness programs that use portion control containers for meal planning I was lost. I like to plan meals by recipe so making sure I got each container in every day was a struggle. And that’s how 80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy was born!

80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy

80 Day Obsession Meal Planning

At 80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy I share my system for quickly and easily meal planning for 80 Day Obsession. You’ll learn how to quickly meal plan for your eating plan and workout time using color combo meal cards.

It is possible to stay on track with your nutrition through meal planning and at 80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy I will show you how.

What’s In The Course

80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Course

Here is what the course includes:

  1.  Color Coded Food List Cards
    Stuck eating the same thing over & over? Download the Color Coded Food List Cards and add some variety to your meal planning.
  2. Meal Plan Template & Meal Plans
    You’ll get the editable meal plan template PLUS a full week of meals planned for each phase. Includes meal plans for Refeed Days & Peak Week Deplete Days.
  3. Color Combo Meal Cards
    Tired of eating the same old meals week after week? I’ll show you how to mix things up using the color combo meal cards with container counts for each different container combo.


  • Meal Planning
  • Meal Prep
  • Getting Kids To Eat Healthy
  • Making The Best Smoothies
  • Snack Recipes
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80 Day Obsession Meal Planning Made Easy

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