3 Day Juice Cleanse- We’re Doing it!

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Juice Cleanse

My husband and I started our 3 day juice cleanse today through Squeezed.  I  needed a jump-start to eating right for swimsuit season.  I’m sharing our experience in case anyone was thinking of doing a juice cleanse.  I have NOT received any compensation from Squeezed, I just heard about it on the radio and thought we’d give it a try.

3 Day Juice Cleanse

A journal of our juice cleanse experience.

Things I’m excited about
  • I don’t have to plan what we’re going to eat
  • I don’t have to cook
  • No dishes to clean up
  • Hopefully I’ll see some health benefits as well
Day 1

So far so good. The juices were waiting at our door this morning.  We chose the 3 day juice cleanse with almond milk since we will still be working out.  The almond milk is delicious as well as the juices and infused water I’ve had so far.

Day 2

I’m tired and have experienced some “cleansing” effects. FYI: it comes out the same as it goes in, think beet juice. TMI, I know but just so you’re prepared if you decide to give it a try. Also, stock up on toilet paper and don’t plan to be out of the house for long, trust me. Just trying to help. From what I’ve read Day 1 is full of optimism, Day 2 not so much, but Day 3 is much better. Looking forward to Day 3!

Day 3

So far so good today. Feeling much better than yesterday. Feeling slimmer. I have lost 4 pounds but expect them to come right back. Losing weight was not the point, it was more about resetting our eating habits. Counting down the bottles of juice I have left to drink. My husband and I showed great will power last night at B’s baseball party at Cici’s Pizza. I do not recommend going into a grocery store (to pick up cupcakes, no less) while on your cleanse. I swear the food seems like it’s in 3D jumping out at you.

We enjoyed our 3 Day Juice Cleanse through Squeezed.  If you decide to give it a try let them know I referred you by using my email address: leslie@whatsworkinghere.com .

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