Kid’s Closet Organization

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Kids Closet Organization

We recently went back to school shopping for B which means a new slew of clothes to organize.  To save some money I used a Kroger digital coupon to get 20% off a GAP/Old Navy gift card, then used the gift card to purchase his school clothes. Today I’m sharing with you how I organize B’s clothes and a few closet organization tips.  Many of the techniques I use on his closet are the same as what I use on our Master closet.  Read more about Closet Organization here in my previous post.

Here is a tour of B’s closet and some tips.

Robe Hook

I installed a hook on the inside of B’s door for his robe.  Make sure it’s low enough for your child to reach.

Pant Shelf

On the right side of the closet I put a shelf board over the hanging rod to create a space to stack pants.

Very easy closet upgrade.  All you need to do is cut the shelf and slide into place.

Under the pant shelf is the laundry hamper.  I like being able to roll the hamper to the laundry room for easy access.

Sport shirts

The center of the closet has button up shirts, long sleeves, sport shirts and jackets.

At the bottom of the closet is a box for superhero costumes, B’s Karate bag and suitcase.

ShortsOn the left side of the closet I put another shelf board over the hanging rod to stack and store shorts.

On the bottom are tank tops and short sleeved shirts.

When the weather gets cooler I’ll switch out the long and short sleeved shirts so B can reach them.

Under the shirts are B’s shoes.


Above the shorts is where I put together outfits for B to wear.  I’ve got his first three days of school laid out.

If I know he needs to wear a certain shirt for something special like spirit day, I hang it up here so he can’t wear it and get it dirty before he needs it.


In order to get the new clothes in the closet we had to clean some out.

I use the same rule of having a finite number of hangers in B’s closet we use in ours to keep things from getting too cluttered.

Usually if I see him wearing something that looks a little small instead of hanging it back up I put it on the top shelf to move to the donation pile.

Drawer Organization

The picture above shows a rundown of how I organized B’s drawers.  One of his chores is putting away his laundry.  I fold it and let him put it away.  The OCD person in me realizes that having him learn to do things for himself is much more important than nicely folded and organized sock and underwear drawers.  So while I’m not a fan of balling up socks they seem to stay together better when I roll the pairs together.

How do you keep your kid’s closet organized?

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission when you purchase through my link.

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