Weekly Menu – 9/8/19

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We are now fully into back to school mode. This week is packed with concerts, sports practices, soccer games and a trip to the office. It’s crazy schedules like this that make meal planning so important. Check out what is on this week’s menu to get some menu inspiration of your own. 

Weekly menu- sep 8 - bagel sandwich, peaches & pecans

Meal Planning Around Your Schedule

You can create the perfect meal plan but if it doesn’t fit with your schedule all you’ve done is waste your time. That’s why the first step in my menu planning system is filling in the dates and events for your meal plan. If you’re not going to be home how on earth are you going to cook that delicious home cooked meal? An on the go meal or a crock-pot meal is probably a better idea for those late night practices. 

This week our menu has plenty of events that will change what we will eat. My husband and I are going to see John Mayer Sunday night (why do they have concerts on school/work nights?). We will make it a date night and eat out. I’ll order a pizza for my son & dad. 

The beef & veggie pot pie was on last week’s menu but didn’t ever make it to the table. I froze the meat to keep it fresh and will make the meal this week. 

My son’s school is having a fundraiser at Culver’s Tuesday night. Oh, how I love Spirit night!  The perfect excuse for not cooking and eating out. 

I plan to go into the office on Wednesday. I usually work from home and only go into the office about once a month. Since I don’t get out much for lunch I like eat out when I head to the office. 

Thursdays we have soccer practice which works great with leftover night. Sometimes I’ll pack a dinner to eat on the way home from practice or while I’m waiting for practice to be over. We usually eat dinner at 6:30 and watch the Wheel šŸ™‚ Practice doesn’t end till 7:45 so by that time I’m pretty hangry. 

Fridays we have football practice. We usually eat out on Friday so we can just pick something up after practice. 

Need some ideas on how to get dinner on the table during busy school nights? Check out my post with 5 Tips for Getting Dinner on the Table. 

5 tips for getting dinner on the table - mom and son eating pasta

Printable Weekly Menu

The weekly menu is a word doc so you can download and make changes to suit your needs. Just click on the image below to download, edit and print.  

Iā€™m taking a break from using my portion control meal plan templates. You can find meal plan templates for different work out programs in the resource library

Weekly Menu- Sept 8 - a week's worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks

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