Weekly Menu 5/12/19 – Mother’s Day Menu

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It’s Mothers Day weekend!  I’m sharing what is on my Mother’s Day menu and some classic kid favorites. Check out what’s on this week’s menu. 

May 12 Weekly Menu - mother's day menu

Mother’s Day Menu

We are going out for brunch so I’ve saved a bunch of containers to allow for mimosas and other deliciousness. If you plan on making brunch for your mom you’ll want to check out my Healthy Brunch post. All the recipes are from the FIXATE cookbooks. Mom can indulge without feeling guilty. If you still need a gift for mom check out my gift guide for moms getting fit & healthy

For Mother’s Day dinner I’ve got my husband grilling up some steak. I do not cook or clean on Mother’s Day. But sometimes I’ll meal prep the day before so I can enjoy the day off. It’s almost like taking a day off of work. You know you’ll either have to do a bunch of work before your day off or play catch up after your day off. Either way, it’s okay to take a day off, even from mom duties. 

Classic Kid Favorites

My husband has late meetings all week and won’t be joining us for dinner. So I let my son pick out the menu. Luckily his favorites are quick and easy to make. With a few simple swaps you can turn classic kid favorites like spaghetti & tacos into healthy meals. Start by modifying one ingredient at a time. For example swap out white pasta for whole grain. For more ideas on how to get your kids to eat healthier check out my post on How To Get Kids To Eat Healthy.

Printable Weekly Menu

The weekly menu is a word doc so you can download and make changes to suit your needs. Just click on the image below to download, edit and print.  I’ve included the regular menu format and the Ultimate Portion Fix Container Count Meal Plan Template.

Weekly Menu- May 12

Ultimate Portion Fix Meal Plan Template

Ultimate Portion Meal Plan- may 12

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