Tip Tuesday | Tip #33

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Tip #33 - Don't Wear Flip-flops in the rainTrust me, just don’t.  It’s been a rainy week here in Texas and since I practically live in flip-flops in the Summer I have to remind myself before I go out to put on real shoes.  A few things happen when you wear flip-flops in the rain:

  • Your feet get covered in water and whatever else is mixed in with the water (oil, dirt, mud, nastiness)
  • Your shoes become very slippery and hard to keep on
  • Your shoes flip & flop the water, oil, dirt, mud and other nastiness mentioned above onto the back of your legs and bottom- yuck!  I’m amazed sometimes at how high flip-flops can flick things.

Thankfully rain boots have become fashionable.

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