Tip Tuesday | Tip #25

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Tip 25- Keep a running grocery listI have to write everything down or I’ll forget something.  For me keeping a running grocery list helps me remember those necessities you’d think I’d remember but never seem to.  I keep a small notepad in a drawer in our kitchen to write things down as we run out of them. Before I go to the store I always ask, “does anyone need anything from the store”.  My husband used to reply with “the usual”.  Unfortunately, he’s learned after I’ve come home without things he thought I would just  know to get that if it’s not on the list I’m probably not going to remember to get it.  Except, I really don’t want him writing on my list.  See, I write it in the order of the aisles I go down so I can “cross off” items by simply folding my list.  Having an organized approach to grocery shopping keeps you from going up and down the same aisles over and over and gets you in and out of the store quickly.  See more of my grocery shopping tips here on the Easiest Way to Grocery Shop.

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  1. I like to look at the ads for the week, then plan my meals around what meat/fish is on sale. I agree with keeping a list by sections of the store, even if it is just dairy, produce, frozen, etc. I like to keep my list on a purse size spiral. It is easier to find in my purse, and if the store doesn’t have an item, I will highlight it so I can look at a different store. If I do have paper coupons, I paper clip them to my list.

    1. That’s a good idea about looking at the ads first and highlighting items if the store doesn’t have it. I usually use digital coupons but sometimes have a few paper coupons that I tuck in my wallet where I keep my Kroger card.
      Thanks for reading & commenting!

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