Tip Tuesday | Tip #17

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Tip 17- Create a Will & Legacy Box

The death of a loved one can be a stressful time. Don’t add to that stress by leaving your loved ones behind without a clue as to how you’d like everything to be taken care of. A will is not just about money or stuff. It also outlines how and where you would like to be buried, funeral arrangements, etc.

You don’t want family members arguing over whether or not they thought you wanted to be buried vs. cremated, it’s unnecessary and avoidable if you just plan ahead. I used to think it was creepy that my grandmother has her funeral all planned out, headstone already engraved, paid for and everything. But now I realize it’s such a smart idea and will save the family a lot of stress when the time comes. It’s a fact of life so might as well plan for it.

I learned about creating a legacy box from Dave Ramsey. We have a fire-proof box where we have copies of all of our important documents (will, birth certificates, social security cards, titles etc.). The box also contains information for all our various accounts (bank, savings, money market, B’s college savings, 401k, etc.). We’ve given a sealed envelope to our family in the case of our untimely death with instructions on where to find the key to our legacy box and what they will find inside. You should audit and update your legacy box annually or as things change.

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