Why A Stitch Fix Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift Idea

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Stitch Fix Gift Card Some people are so hard to buy gifts for. The trend now is to give experiences instead of just stuff.  What if I told you there was a gift you can give that is both a fun, personalized experience and also tangible gift they can keep or return without hurting your feelings?  Read on to see what makes a Stitch Fix Gift Card the perfect gift idea.

What is Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service.  You fill out a style profile and select when you would like to receive fixes.  Your stylist will send you 5 pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, shoes, accessories). Try them on in the comfort of your own home.  Keep what you like and return the rest in the pre-paid envelope.  Get a detailed rundown on how it works here.

Why a Stitch Fix Gift Card 
  • It’s Thoughtful– Gift cards can sometimes be seen as a boring, unthoughtful gift.  But a Stitch Fix Gift Card is actually quite thoughtful. You are giving someone the opportunity to try something new and the gift of time.  A Stitch Fix Gift Card shows you understand that the person you’re buying it for either doesn’t have the time to shop or doesn’t take the time to shop for themselves.
  • It’s Fun– Filling out a style profile, having someone select items just for you and the anticipation of waiting on your Fix are what make Stitch Fix so much fun!  Everyone likes to see a package by their door and the mystery of what’s inside adds to the excitement.  And finding a new style you didn’t think you could pull off is a plus!
  • It’s the Perfect Style & Size– The gift receiver fills out a style profile letting their stylist know what they like, how they like things to fit and sizes (even petite, plus & maternity).  You get saved from the embarrassment of  buying the wrong size and they don’t get stuck with an ugly sweater they hate.
Who Should You Gift Stitch Fix To
  • Moms– Your mom, your wife who is a mom, your friend who is a mom.  Mom’s LOVE Stitch Fix!  We don’t have time to shop for ourselves and dragging kids to the store while we try on clothes sounds like abuse.  Sending clothes to our front door that we can try on in the comfort of our home while our children play, watch tv or do anything else but bother us, sounds like heaven. I just got my mom set up on Stitch Fix and she’s already received 2 Fixes!  She loves it and is wearing such cuter clothes now.
  • Dads– Stitch Fix is not just for women. Now there is Stitch Fix Men.  My husband has received 2 fixes and loves it (See his 1st Fix here).  He’s not a fan of going shopping so his wardrobe doesn’t get updated very much.  Now when he needs a refresh or an outfit for a special occasion I can schedule a fix for him.
  • Teachers–  Teachers love Stitch Fix!  They are notorious for thinking of others before themselves.  A Stitch Fix Gift Card is just for them!  They can’t spend it on supplies for their students.  I gave my sister, a teacher, a Stitch Fix Gift Card for her birthday and she really enjoyed it. (See her Fix here)
  • Family, Friends, Neighbors, Secret Santa– You get the point. A Stitch Fix Gift Card is perfect for anyone who wears clothes, jewelry or shoes, which is practically everyone unless you’re at a nudist colony.

Stitch Fix Gift Card

Now that I’ve got you so excited about Stitch Fix Gift Cards use my link to get all your holiday shopping done! And don’t forget about entering the $1000 Stitch Fix Giveaway.

$1000 Stitch Fix Gift Card Giveaway

I really do enjoy my Stitch Fix shipments and know they make a great gift.  I’ve got my sister, mom and husband all hooked on Stitch Fix.  Use my link to sign up yourself or purchase a gift card for someone this holiday season.

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