Texans Sideline Experience

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We recently got to see the Houston Texans warm-up for their pre-season game against the Patriots from the sidelines.  Down on the field, up close, with-in reach, all our favorite Texans players.  No, we don’t have any special connections.  It was part of the Texans Sideline Experience I got my husband for his 40th birthday.  You can do it too!  I’m sharing all the details of our Texans Sideline Experience.

Texans Sideline Experience

Special Birthday Surprise

I was looking for something special to do for my husband’s 40th birthday.  He didn’t really want a party so I racked my brain for something to commemorate this milestone birthday.  He loves football and the Houston Texans.  So, I hopped on the Texans website.   I found the group package page and filled out a form.  Shortly after, a representative called me back and told me all about the Texans Sideline Experience.  Not many people get to go on the sideline on NFL game day.  What a great way to make a lasting memory. I quickly bought tickets to a pre-season game close to my husband’s birthday.

Texans Sideline Experience Tickets

The Texans Sideline Experience requires you purchase tickets for the sideline experience as well as game tickets.  The bundled tickets I purchased were around $300 a person.  I didn’t really pay attention to the seats I was agreeing to. Our seats were up pretty high, but we were on the 50 yard line.  Overall it was a great view of the game.

Texans game day -view from our seats

The Sideline Experience

The sideline experience starts about two and half hours before kick-off.  For us the doors opened at 4:30 and we were escorted to the hospitality area for a pregame buffet. Before you enter the hospitality area you stop for a picture.  As you check in the staff will ask if you’re celebrating anything special.  They have buttons for those celebrating birthdays which is a nice touch.


Your group is escorted to a round table covered in a white table-cloth.  At each seat is a white Texans gift bag with a wooden Houston Texans frame inside.  Before we headed out to the field they gave us each a copy of the picture we took as we checked in for our frame.  You also get a Houston Texans Gameday Magazine, sideline credentials and a lanyard.

texans sideline experience gift

Open Bar & Buffett

There is a full open bar and delicious spread of food.  Everything from salad, cheese & crackers, potato salad, sausage hot dogs, a shrimp & sausage jambalaya station, prime rib, roasted vegetables, cookies, pastries – SO much food.

After about 30 minutes of food & drinks a host welcomes you and reviews the rules.  Then the sidelines are opened and you are free to venture out. Once you leave the hospitality area you can not return.  You are also encouraged to visit the restroom because once you’re on the sidelines you won’t have access to a bathroom.

Sideline Experience

We went directly out to the sidelines and didn’t wait for the Cheerleaders or Toro to visit.  When you’re ready an attendant escorts you through the underbelly of the stadium and out onto the field.  The staff is so friendly and helpful.  They even take pictures for you.

Texans Sideline Experience -Down on the field

Seeing the stadium from the field is a unique experience.  My husband was in awe.

Texans Sideline Experience- up close warm up

It was amazing how close we were to the players while they warmed up.

We brought a football and sharpie to try and get some autographs but the opportunity never came up. The players are pretty focused on getting ready for the game. We walked around the field, trying to figure out the best spot to possibly interact with JJ Watt.  Unfortunately, we didn’t end up at the right place at the right time.

Texans Sideline Experience -Talking with the Ref

However, one of the refs stopped to talk with Blake & take a picture.  That was pretty cool.

Texans Sideline Experience -Ref pic

Thirty minutes before kick-off the sidelines are cleared and you are asked to go to your seats.

Texans Sideline Experience Rules

Even though you have access to the sidelines before the game there are a few rules.

  • Stay behind the black stanchion and do not walk onto the field.
  • Sideline Experience credentials have access from the Southwest corner to the Texans team bench.
  • You may walk behind the visitor’s bench but do not stand or loiter in this area.
  • Do not approach any player or coach for autographs or photos.  If a player approaches you, then you may interact with them.
  • Obey all attendants on the field.
  • Have fun!  Take as many pictures as you can and enjoy the moment.

Also, the NFL has a clear bag policy.  I ordered this Texans bag from Amazon.

Texans Sideline Experience Timeline

4:30  Doors Open – Food & Beverages

5:00  Welcome Speech

5:05  Sidelines Open

5:15  Appearance by Houston Texans Cheerleaders

5:25  Appearance by TORO

6:00  Hospitality area closes

6:30  Sidelines are cleared

7:00  Game Time

A Priceless Experience

The Texans Sideline Experience was worth every penny.  My husband and son really enjoyed it.  Seeing the look of awe on their faces was priceless. The staff is very friendly, helpful and welcoming. They truly try to make your experience special and memorable. Being down on the field before a game is exciting. I would highly suggest this experience for any football fan.

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