Summer Fun Activities!

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Summer Fun ActivitiesWe’ve reached the half way point of Summer. In case you’ve run out of fun things to do with the kiddos here are a few Summer fun activities that have worked here.

Since I work from home B stays home with me 3 days a week.  The other two days he goes to a daycare that takes the kids on field trips.  I like to give him an outdoor activity to get him outside because A- I think it’s good for him and B- I’ve got to get my work done.  My office looks out on our drive-way and front yard so I send him there to play so I can keep an eye on him while I work. Here are some of his favorite activities.

Ice Block Toys

B loves to have me freeze his toys in ice. We did it last year and he requested to do it again this year. However, he’s become a little smarter in the last year and the activity doesn’t last quite as long. Instead of picking away at the ice with a plastic knife he’s discovered it’s much more effective to slam the block of ice on the ground to break it apart. Caution: This may lead to dismemberment and beheading of some action figures.  We’ve also used small plastic containers to make individual ice blocks for each toy. Idea from A Little Learning For Two. (They used water balloons but I couldn’t get that to work.)

Frozen Toys

Water Guns

I fill up Blake’s collection of water guns. Fill a tub and ice chest with water for refilling. I set up plastic cups for him to shoot at on top of the ice chest. He has a blast shooting the cups down and stacking them back up and sometimes ends up in the cooler. Idea from The Taylor House.

water guns


Old Fashioned Slip’n Slide & Sprinkler Fun

B loves to play on his slip’n slide and adding in a sprinkler just doubles the fun. I like to see him enjoy the simple things that I used to play with as a child.

slip'n slide


Exploding Paint Bags

We made these last year and they were a lot of fun. Idea from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  She’s got a lot of fun ideas.paint bags 1


exploding paint bags 2

exploding paint bags 3


Water Balloons


Summer Fun Activities - Water Balloons

B loves to do water balloons and it’s always such a tedious, time-consuming process for a short burst of fun.  This year we ordered Balloon Bonanza & Bunch O Balloons, the self-sealing balloons that fill & seal 40 balloons at one time. They really do work!  There were a couple that leaked or didn’t fill and you have to use them right away or they’ll deflate.  Other than that they are much more efficient than tying them one at a time.

What fun activities do you and your kids like to do in the Summer?


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