Stitch Fix Review #12 – A Comfy Cozy Fix

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Stitch Fix Review #12

After receiving my 12th Fix I’ve decided I need to schedule a vacation to a cozy ski lodge.  Once again Kate hit it out of the park. I requested a vest because I’ve really been wanting to rock a vest.  Not only did she find me a fabulous vest, she also referenced how to achieve the looks I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board with the pieces she sent. Read on to see my comfy, cozy Stitch Fix Review.

>>>In case you’re not familiar, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You fill out a style profile with your style preferences, sizes and how you like things to fit. Choose how often you’d like to receive a “fix” (monthly, every other month, quarterly, or whenever you choose). When you schedule a fix your stylist will choose 5 items (tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, etc.) to ship to your home. Try them on at your convenience. Keep what you like and send the other items back in the pre-paid envelope.  Your $20 styling fee goes toward whatever items you keep. For all the details check out my What Is Stitch Fix post.<<<

Papermoon Knit , Mavi Skinny Jean

Papermoon Amalie Split Neck Binding Hem Knit Top $54

Mavi Addyson Tulip Hem Skinny Jean $98

When I first saw the Papermoon top I thought to myself, I need to tell Kate I don’t like ribbed shirts because they lay funny on me.  I tried it on anyway and fell in love with how comfortable it is.  It’s a vertical rib so it doesn’t do the weird thing that horizontally ribbed shirts do on me (create layers of fabric rolls). I’ve noticed in the last couple of fixes I’ve received that I don’t want to take the clothes off once I put them on.  I usually end up wearing them wherever I go that day. This outfit was no exception.

Now the jeans took some getting used to.  They were really tight around the calves but when I walked in to show my hubby his reaction made them an instant keeper!  The more I wore them the more they molded to my body and became very comfy.  Did I mention they’re petite.

Mavi petite skinny jeansIt’s so nice to receive items that actually fit and I don’t have to have them taken up!Papermoon knit top with Market & Spruce Vest

Market & Spruce Wilco Solid Quilted Vest $68

So when I first saw the vest I thought, I really don’t like quilted items.  I would have never picked it out in a store but I tried it on and fell in love.  It is so cozy and added a layer of fun to my already cozy outfit.

Alice Blue plaid shirt

Alice Blue Boulder Button Down Blouse $58

I really like this top.  It looks great with jeans.

Market & Spruce vest and Alice Blue plaid shirt

Especially with the Market & Spruce vest.  I just need reservations at a ski lodge.

Alice Blue plaid shirt with Black leggings

It can also be dressed up with black leggings, making it extra comfy.

Street Level tote

Street Level Harlan Removable Pocket Reversible Tote $64

The 5th piece I received is this reversible tote. I really like the removable pocket but I already have a tote in this same color.  I probably would have sent it back but with the 25% discount for purchasing all 5 items it was cheaper to keep it.  I’m thinking it might be a great future giveaway.

*Sorry ladies, I finally used this tote and loved it!  It is the perfect travel tote.  I took it on a family trip with me and loved the front pocket that keeps important things like plane tickets handy.  It also has plenty of room for the iPad, legos, snacks, my phone and everything else we stuffed it with.  Definitely glad I kept it!

Speaking of giveaways, be sure to check out the blog tomorrow for a HUGE announcement.  I am so excited and can’t wait to share it with you.

If you’ve been wanting to try out a new look but need a little help pulling it together I would highly recommend giving Stitch Fix a try. Use my link to try it out today.

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