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I’m so excited to collaborate with Nikki Gwin from Gwin Gal Adventures on a Stitch Fix blog swap! Nikki enjoys DIY, decorating, fashion, gardening and travel. She’s proof that life really can start after 50. She’s venturing out of her comfort zone and taking on adventures like zip lining, taking dance lessons and swimming with dolphins. Check out Nikki’s blog Gwin Gal Adventures to spark a sense of adventure in your home, garden, closet and life.

Stitch Fix Reveal ~ Midlife Style

I thought it was time to do an actual Stitch Fix reveal since this is my 31st fix and I have been receiving fixes for over two years now. Usually one a month but sometimes two a month and I have not been to the mall in FOREVER! haha (except for that emergency time for a formal gown. Read about that HERE.)

My box was waiting for me when I got home from work last Thursday. When I opened it up I was overjoyed at the color scheme that I saw!

Stitch Fix color scheme

I get so excited that I just HAVE to try everything on right away! Most of the time, it is after I get home from work and the gym, so I am not necessarily looking my best. And that is where this disclaimer comes in:

**You might call this a disclaimer, but I totally claim it, so that seems almost like an oxymoron to call it that, but ANYWAY….. These photos are awful. I am well aware of that. My bathroom is dark and the mirror is dirty. Let’s just say that gives the photos some charm. OK?**

Item 1

The first thing I tried on was the Kut From The Cloth Mollee Knit Dress. I liked the floral print and the fitted style, however, it was a tiny bit too long. If that was the only thing wrong, it wouldn’t bother me since I can sew and hemming is an easy fix.

Stitch Fix- Kut From The Cloth Mollee Knit Dress

I told you in an earlier post HERE, that shoes can make such a difference, so I gathered up a few pairs of shoes that I thought might work and tested them with the dress.

Stitch Fix -Kut From The Cloth Mollee Knit Dress turquoise shoes

First I tried some mint green sandals since mint green was the most dominate color in the print. I didn’t like them with it. They felt way too clunky.

Stitch Fix -Kut From The Cloth Mollee Knit Dress red shoes

Next I tried a pair of red and nude heels, which felt right. They were both casual enough and dressy enough to balance the dress. These turned out to be my favorite choice.

These are usually my “go-to” shoes because they seem to look great with almost everything. The nude color is unobtrusive and they are casual, but dressy. I wear these a LOT! But they didn’t work with this dress. I felt like they were too casual and too chunky.

Stitch Fix -Kut From The Cloth Mollee Knit Dress Navy Heels

Lastly, I tried on a pair of navy heels since the background color of the dress is navy. These are my second choice for what looked the best.

Ultimately, I returned the dress because it just didn’t wow me and I am trying to be frugal this month.

Item 2:

The second thing I tried on was the RD Style Zetta V-Neck Romper. This little romper is just so cute! And oh so tiny! It would look fantastic on a 110 lb girl with a A or B size chest, but I could barely get it on even though it was a size Large, and it didn’t even make an attempt at covering my boobs.

Stitch Fix - RD Style Zetta V-Neck Romper

I was sad about that. I love a romper and have a dressy one that I wear often, so I was really liking this more casual one. This would look great with flat thong sandals for a picnic, or a day at the river, or shopping, or a ballgame. GO BIRMINGHAM BARONS!

Stitch Fix - RD Style Zetta V-Neck Romper close up

Kaele, my stylist, knows I prefer v-necks and the back v was especially cute on this! Sadly, it had to be returned.

Item 3:

Next I tried on the …

Stitch Fix Blog Swap - Gwin Gal Adventures

I hope you enjoyed this teaser visit with Nikki. You can see the rest of Nikki’s fix by visiting Gwin Gal Adventures.

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