Pantry Organization

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Pantry Organization

Today I’m going to share with you how I’ve organized our pantry and 3 easy steps for pantry organization. 

3 Steps to Pantry Organization

Step 1:

Take everything out.  Throw out anything expired or that you no longer need or use.  Clean your shelves.

Step 2:

Group your items: Canned goods, snacks, paper products, etc.

Step 3:

Put everything back in the pantry based on your groups.

It’s that simple.

Pantry Tour

Pantry Center

A Place For Everything

I used smallmedium and large sized baskets to organize and group things together that I purchased from Target.  You could also add labels to your baskets if you’d like. I know where everything is so I didn’t find it necessary to label them.

When I organized my friend’s panty and she chose to use clear containers so you can see what is in them. (I know sounds like a fun Saturday night, but I really do enjoy organizing!)

I also used three 3-tier shelf organizers to organize the canned goods.

Snack Baskets
Mom & Dad's Snack Basket
Mom & Dad’s Snack Basket

There’s a snack basket for mom & dad, and one for B and his friends.

Kid's Snack Basket
Kid’s Snack Basket
On The Right
Pantry Right Side

This shot of the right side of the pantry also shows you the bottom of the center section.  I used an undershelf wire basket to corral shopping bags and the basket part of a wire shelf with basket organizer to corral plastic grocery bags.  Using a container to keep these items in will help you not have too many cluttering up your pantry.  If it doesn’t fit in the container you don’t get to keep it. What are you really going to do with all those shopping bags?

Please ignore the right corner of the pantry.  It is total randomness.  I could have taken those things out but decided to be real with you instead.

OCD Spices

Right side detail

The spice jars are one of my favorite things in the pantry.  Yes, my spices are labeled and alphabetized.  Would you expect anything less?  The spice jars are from Ikea and I just printed clear mailing labels to label them.  I set them on top of a 3-tier cabinet organizer.

No family pantry is complete without yearly markings of how much the kids have grown!

On The Left

Pantry Left TopOn the left hand side I have pet medications stored at the top so B or other kids can’t reach them.  I have all my foil, wax paper and plastic wrap in a basket.  I used another under shelf wire basket to hold paper plates and clothes pins (which I use for chip clips).  The basket underneath has Ziploc bags.  I store them from largest to smallest so I can reach in and grab what I need without looking.
Pantry Left Bottom

The next basket has napkins and plastic ware.  Underneath that is a basket with garbage bags.  Below that is a container that holds cat food and a scoop.

Pantry Clean Out

I try to do a clean-out of our pantry at least every 6 months or so.  Even though I think I keep it cleaned out pretty well I’m always shocked at how much stuff there is to get rid of.  Here are the results of my last clean-out.

Pantry Clean Out

Hopefully you’ve found some ideas to help organize your pantry.  Happy Spring Cleaning!

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