Quick & Easy Healthy Meals from HEB Meal Simple

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HEB Meal Simple

*HEB compensated me to promote their Meal Simple meals. I only write about products and services I love and therefore all opinions are my own honest opinion.

I am so excited to give HEB’s Meal Simple a try. If you follow my Weekly Menu you know we’ve got quite the busy schedule with B’s baseball and soccer practices and games. You may have even read my post about our favorite On The Go Meals. Yes, I sometimes cook and pack up our dinner to eat on the way home from a practice or game.

My mom says I’m so much like my grandmother in that way 🙂 I do remember going on trips with my grandparents and Nanny would pack us sandwiches to eat on the way. I even remember one time when my grandparents came to watch me perform in college as a Rangerette and brought sandwiches for the ride home 🙂

Also, much like my grandparents we eat dinner at 6:00. So by the time a 6:00 baseball game ends I’m about ready to eat my arm off. That’s why I’ve started packing dinners for us to eat on the way home so we don’t reach for junk food. The Meal Simple meals from HEB are going to make eating healthy on the go that much easier.

HEB Meal Simple

There are so many things I honestly like about HEB Meal Simple:

  • Fresh, healthy food
  • A variety of choices
  • A complete meal- protein, carbs & veggies
  • Easy to heat & eat
  • No Dishes!

I like the fact that the meals are made with fresh, healthy foods and there is a variety to choose from. I also like that you can get a complete meal with a protein, veggie and carb.

HEB Meal Simple- VarietyThey’ve got everything from chicken to fish. Some are plain and some have delicious fresh herbs. They even have B’s favorite: chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese!

HEB Meal Simple -Kid's Favorites

Easy Meal Prep

When we are following one of our Beachbody programs I like to Meal Prep. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming for me but I’m looking forward to doing meal prep with HEB’s Meal Simple. I really think it will make meal prepping way simpler. Everything is already portioned out and in containers. Just heat & eat! For those following the 21 Day Fix it’s easy to identify which containers you should check off. For example the chicken, green beans and potatoes I had would translate to a red, green & yellow.

HEB Meal Simple- meal prepThe meals are simple to make. No prep work is involved. Just heat in the microwave & oven safe tray -we’ve done both successfully. Then enjoy your meal from the same tray and just throw it all away when you’re done. No dishes to clean!

A Variety of Choices

We tried:

  • Plain chicken with broccoli & fingerling potatoes
  • Rosemary chicken with garlic green beans & fingerling potatoes
  • Salmon with broccoli and fingerling potatoes
  • Herb grilled chicken with kale salad and orange glazed carrots
  • Chicken tenders with macaroni

Every single meal was delicious and I feel good about serving fresh, healthy food to my family. Did I mention there were no Dishes to clean!

Do you have a favorite HEB Meal Simple?

You will definitely be seeing these on my Weekly Menu especially on those nights we are busy with sports and school events.

12 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Healthy Meals from HEB Meal Simple”

    1. Alma, I wouldn’t necessarily label them as low fat & low sodium. They are however made with fresh, whole foods which makes them healthy in my opinion. Each one is labeled with all the nutrition information.

  1. I MISS HEB!
    We lived in Austin Texas for 3 years, but moved across the Atlantic again about 3 years ago, and I MISS HEB. I found it on our first week in Texas and never looked back. Haha.
    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    We of course have similar types of pre-made, made from scratch meals at some stores here and I love this types of meals. I don’t buy them all the time because they are a bit more expensive here, but they are great for days when we are a bit busy or I just don’t feel like cooking.

    Thanks again. You always write such nice posts.

    Have a nice day.

    Kristine the Dane

    1. Yes HEB is awesome! I can see why you miss it.

      These meals are great for getting dinner on the table without much work.

      Thanks for the sweet comment! I’m glad you enjoy what I have to share.


  2. Can the meals labeled to be cooked in the oven be cooked using a microwave? I do not have an oven at work where I need to have a meal since I work 12hr shifts.

    1. Hi Lyssa! The meals that are raw or not pre-cooked suggest you cook them in the oven, but we have cooked them in the microwave. I have no idea what the tray is made of but it can be used in both the oven & microwave.

      The pre-cooked meals can definitely be reheated in the microwave.

    1. If it’s a use-by date I wouldn’t eat them more than one day after. If it smells spoiled I would definitely throw it out. If it’s a sell-by date then you usually have about 2-3 days to use after the sell-by date. Again, give it a sniff to make sure it is still fresh.

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