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With Christmas right around the corner it’s a great time to clean out old, unwanted toys to make room for new toys.  I try to do this a couple of times a year when the once nicely organized playroom gets cluttered beyond control.  Hopefully, these Play Room Clean Out Tips will help you keep the toys from taking over your house.

At one point it was easy to get B to choose which toys he no longer played with or wanted.  It was the transition between “baby” toys and “big kid” toys.  Unfortunately, now he wants to keep everything.  But, I’ve developed a method for keeping the clutter at bay.

I’ve heard of toy rotations where people keep some toys out for their kids to play with and the rest are stored away and brought out or rotated periodically every few months.  I’d probably forget to rotate the toys so I’ve never given this system a try.

I’ve also heard of people just boxing up the toys and getting rid of them altogether!

Play Room Clean Out Tips

First off, everything has a designated place in the playroom (see Play Room Organization Ideas).  When things start to overflow it’s time to clean them out.


Observe what your child actually plays with the most.  Also take note of   what hasn’t been touched in months.


Ask your child what he no longer wants or is ready to pass along to someone else. Unfortunately, my child usually says he wants to keep it all.  It’s a great opportunity to teach your child about sharing with those less fortunate. You can talk with them about how happy a toy they are not using might make someone else.

Do A Covert Clean Out

Pick a time when your child is not home to go through the playroom.  Trust me it’s easier this way.  Throw out anything that is broken.  Move toys that you observed are no longer played with out of the play room.  I put my son’s in a box in the spare room.

Give Them Away

Give it some time and then give them away. Once the toys have sat untouched for a while (6+ months or so), I know they are ready to be passed on.  There are a few occasions toys have made it back downstairs. We usually pass toys to family or friends so it’s nice knowing we could always get them back if we needed to.

Hold On To Special Toys

It’s okay to keep some toys that have sentimental value. I have a bin to put toys & books that I want to keep for sentimental reasons and give B when he is an adult.  My mom kept some of my toys & books and it was pretty neat to share them with my son.  My husband also had some matchbox cars he passed down to our son. Vintage toys are awesome!  Just know they don’t have to stay out.  Box them up and put them in the attic or another storage space.

Now that you’ve got everything cleaned out you’re ready to get organized.  Read Play Room Organization Ideas Here.



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