Organizing Christmas Decor

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Organizing Christmas Decor

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Unfortunately, the start of the new year means it’s time to take all of the Christmas decorations down and store them away for next year.  I’ve got a few tips for organizing Christmas decor so it will be easy to locate what you’re looking for when it’s time to deck the halls again.

First,  box things up according to their location.

Tree Decor

Decorated Christmas Tree and Tree BoxI’ve got a box for everything that goes on my tree.

Christmas Tree Box

When possible keep ornaments in their original boxes.

Missing Ornaments

Over the years I’ve broken a few ornaments.  If you look closely at this picture you can see an X marked in the center where an ornament should be.  Mark the spaces where the broken ornament should be so you know when you’ve got all the ornaments out of the tree.  That way you’re not searching for something that is not there.

Pine Cone Ornament BagAlso, I keep my pine cone ornaments and berry picks in bags marked with the number that belong in there so I know I’ve gotten them all out of the tree.

Christmas Tree and Ornament box

I’ve got a smaller box that I keep our annual christmas ornaments and my son’s handmade ornaments.

Mantle Box

Mantle box

I  have a box that contains everything that goes on our mantle (this was last year’s mantle).

Mantle Box

Tuck your stocking hangers between the stockings so they don’t get scratched.

Banister Box

Banister Box

I also have a box to store all of the greenery and ribbon for the banister.

Kid’s Decor Box

B's Box

My son has his own box with all of his Christmas books, stuffed animals, etc.

Other Christmas Decor Storage

I’ve got a couple of other boxes as well as the ones pictured. A box for kitchen items, one for knickknacks, and a box for the tree in the study.  I keep all of my candles in my candle closet.

Tip:  Don’t store candles in the attic because they will melt.

After taking down all the Christmas decorations it always seems so bare.  So a few years ago I started putting away all my usual decorations when the Christmas decorations are out to prevent things from looking so bare once the Christmas decorations are put away and everything is back to normal.

We usually keep our decorations up till New Year’s Day.  I’ve heard it’s bad luck to put them away before then.  When do you pack away your holiday decor?

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