LIIFT4 Review- 4 Day A Week Fitness Program

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I just finished Beachbody’s latest fitness program LIIFT4, a 4 day a week fitness program combining heavy weight lifting with intense cardio intervals. It includes 32 unique workouts spread over 8 weeks, plus a Nutrition Guide. Each of the workouts are filmed live, so you get a different experience every day.  If you’re thinking about giving it a try I’ve got everything you need to know in this LIIFT4 Review.

LIIFT4 Review

LIIFT4 Fitness Program

LIIFT4 is only available through Beachbody On Demand, Beachbody’s on-line streaming fitness service (Learn everything you need to know about Beachbody On Demand here). Since the program is available exclusively on-line all the program materials are also on-line.

LIIFT4 Program Materials

  • Program & Nutrition Guide
  • Workout Calendar
  • Weight Progression Tracker

You’ll Need

There is a modification option if you’re using resistance bands instead of dumbbells. Joel suggests only using that option if you’re traveling and not as a first choice.

LIIFT4 Trainer Joel Freeman

LIIFT4 Workouts

Trainer Joel Freeman created LIIFT4 to help you gain muscle and burn fat in just 4 days a week.  The program includes 32 unique workouts in 2 phases.  The first six weeks, Phase 1, focuses on building muscle and strength. Then, the last two weeks, Phase 2, ups the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts to burn more calories and shred fat. The workouts range in time from 30-40 minutes.

Each workout focuses on a different group of muscles plus an ab routine to sculpt your abs:

  • Chest & Triceps
  • Back & Biceps
  • Shoulders
  • Legs 

While the exercises stay pretty much the same week to week the way you approach them changes based on one of these 4 formats:

  • LIIFT 50/50 – Heavy lifting followed by HIIT cardio
  • LIIFT INTERVALS – Weightlifting intervals with burnout rounds of cardio
  • CIRCUIT – classic weightlifting
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training cardio workout

The workouts are filmed live so it’s never the same experience twice.  The Ready For LIIFT Off videos give you a behind the scenes look at what to expect in the coming week.

LIIFT4 Eating Plan


According to the program materials, LIIFT4 takes a common sense approach to eating.  There’s no complicated calculations.  Simply find your nutrition plan based on your weight.  I’m in the 168 lbs. or less Plan A nutrition plan. Each plan is approximately 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat.

Here’s the twist, if you’re more interested in building muscle than losing weight then you should bump up two eating plans.  So I would move from Plan A to Plan C.  I’m really just looking to tone and tighten so I’ll be sticking with Plan A.  For those looking to really build muscle the program materials show you how to incorporate Creatine into your nutrition plan.

The LIIFT4 meal plan uses the Beachbody Portion Control Containers.  It’s the same color coded system as 21DayFix and 80DayObsession.   Added bonus-You get one cheat day a week!

The misconception about losing weight is that you have to eat less but really it’s about eating the right foods.  Most of the time you’ll find the meal plans that Beachbody provides with their workouts have you eating a lot of food, several times a day.  It’s healthy, wholesome food.  The color coded portion control system is very helpful in making sure you’re eating a good balance of the right foods.  I do notice a big difference in my body when I follow the meal plan, but it does take some effort.

For help with meal planning for LIIFT4 check out my LIIFT4 Meal Planning Post.  It includes a printable template for creating your own LIIFT4 Meal plan.  Also, if you go to the Weekly Menu archives you’ll find my actual LIIFT4 Menus. I used LIIFT4 Meal Plan A. The color combo meal cards in my shop are super helpful for portion control meal planning. 

LIIFT4 Review

I really enjoyed the LIIFT4 program.  I love how each workout is fresh and new every day.  And it’s only 30-40 minutes, 4 times a week. It definitely makes working out feel more achievable.

For the first time I actually used the weight tracker sheet and think it made a big difference.  Seeing where I started with my weights helped me make increases  and challenge myself along the way.  I also liked hearing what weights the cast was using and their progress.  I found I began identifying with some members and would think, well if she’s lifting 15 lbs I can too!

LIIFT4 Results

I am really impressed with the results I achieved in just 4 days a week.  I started the year with 2 rounds of 80 Day Obsession. That program really reshaped and toned my body.  But then we went on vacation and I got a little lax on my nutrition. So after being “obsessed” with my fitness for most of the year the idea of getting results with just 30-40 minute workouts, 4 days a week AND a cheat meal seemed too good to be true.

But, it wasn’t. I definitely noticed muscle gains. When I was driving one day my arm crossed my body and I felt my bicep and was like “Woah!” where did that come from?  I certainly feel stronger.

All in all you get out what you put into these fitness programs.  If you’re willing to do the work you’ll get the results you want.  It really just depends on how bad you want it.

Ready to give LIIFT4 a try?  Use the link below to get started today.  I’m  happy to answer any questions you might have about this or any other Beachbody program.  If you’re looking for accountability I’ve got you covered as well.


liift4 challenge pack

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